Star Thoughts

Who can behold the majesty of the heavens without his intuition telling him there is a God upon Whose power alone every man and constellation must utterly depend for preservation and safety? The evening sky with its pagentry of stars is a spectacle that invites the observer to contemplate himself and spell out somewhat of the hidden lore that reveals him as great and as enduring as all the legions of the Milky Way.

How commanding are the heavens studded with flaming suns-Vega, Capella, Aldebaran, and their myriad of fellows. How beautiful are the heavens blazing with speeding constellations-Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Corona Borealis, and their multitudinous kin. Yet pigmy man microcosmically is a counterpart of them, for he is a living universe as impressive as the physical universe in which he lives.

Human troubles lose some of their bulk when we spend a quiet hour in communion with the stars. About their cold aloofness is a gracious comfort and tranquil assurance that all will be well with us even as all is well with them. By all means read the literature of the heavens, for such inspiring study enriches our reverence for the Creator and increases our benevolence towards humanity.

--J. Otho Gray

--Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, November/December, 1995

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