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The Beatitudes

   The word "beatitude" means blessedness, or felicity of the highest kind. An inner happiness of an exceedingly satisfying nature comes to those who have acquired, even to a small extent, the virtues which Christ Jesus taught the multitudes from the "mountain."

   The "mountain" of course refers to a high state of consciousness of the Ego, which has its seat in the head. Acquiring the virtues enumerated by the Great Teacher marks the path to the Christ Consciousness. The "poor in spirit" are those who have overcome arrogance and pride and are thus humble. Humility was described by the poet Tennyson as: "The highest virtue, mother of them all." This is the realization of God's greatness, of our own frailty, of our dependence upon the Father of all.

   Grief serves to unfold the heart qualities-to transmute the unsympathetic, intolerant attitudes into kindliness and consideration for others. As the Christ consciousness is attained one ceases to mourn, for the things of the Earth no longer have a hold on the aspirant.

   Meekness indicates the attainment of an impersonal attitude -- an inner knowledge of the essential and the non-essential, the real and the unreal.

   Those who have become awakened to an inner longing for righteousness -- the ways of God -- are deflnitely on the Path, and their spiritual hunger is always noted by the Higher Ones who provide opportunities for satisfying that hunger.

   The merciful are those who through suffering have evolved a degree of the Divine Compassion manifested by the Christ. To the extent that we express this quality toward others do we merit the grace brought by our Saviour.

   Purity indicates a mastery of the laws of life so that the personality has been transmuted and the spiritual powers of the individual are in full expression.

   The peacemakers have learned to work with the important law of harmony, and thus hasten the coming of Christ's Kingdom on Earth. By their thoughts and feelings they create peace within and are then able to inject it into their environment, thus signifying their relation to the Father.

   Those who are able to endure persecution have passed a severe, and perhaps final, test on the way to the Christ Consciousness.

   --Rays from the Rose Cross Magazine, September, 1959

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