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Lesson 1: Chart Delineation
Lesson 2: The Individuality; Spiritual Strength
Lesson 3: The Personality
Lesson 4: The Mentality
Lesson 5: Vocation and Finance
Lesson 6: Love -- Marriage -- Children
Lesson 7: Delineation: Religion, Philosophy
Lesson 8: Delineation: Friends and Enemies -- Brothers and Sisters....
Lesson 9: Health and Sickness
Lesson 10: Hopes -- Wishes -- Aspirations; Sorrow and Self-Undoing....
Lesson 11: Progression of the Horoscope
Lesson 12: The Progressed Chart
Lesson 13: Transits, Lunations, Eclipses

The Western Wisdom Teachings
Senior Extension Astrology Course
Lesson No. 12

The Progressed Chart

In Lesson No. 11 we have endeavored to explain thoroughly the method of finding the Adjusted Calculation Date, a date which is used for the simple progression or advancing of the horoscope for any year after birth.

   The daily motion of the planets will be (in) progression be the yearly motion. For reference and the convenience of the student we give a table of the average daily motion of the planets.

Daily Mean Motion of the Planets

Deg:Min:Sec: Stays 1 Sign:
Sun 00:59:08 1 month
Moon 13:10:00 2 1/2 days
Venus 01:12:00 24 days
Mercury 01:23:00 18 days
Jupiter 00:04:59 1 year
Saturn 00:02:00 2 1/2 years
Mars 00:37:28 57 days
Uranus 00:00:42 7 years
Neptune 00:00:22 13-14 years


   We will proceed to show progressed positions (directions) for any year.

   The boy was born July 4, 1932. The Adjusted Calculation Date is July 30, 1932.

   The year he is seven corresponds to July 11, 1932.

   In front (in the margin) of that date you have marked: A.C.D., July 30, 1939.

   The planet's progressed positions on July 11th are as follows:

   Sun: 18-56 Cancer; Venus: 0-39 Cancer R.; Mercury: 13-55 Leo; Moon: 23-49 Libra; Saturn: 2-23; Aquarius R; Jupiter: 23-37 Leo; Mars: 13-27 Gemini; Uranus: 23-16 Aries; Neptune: 6-01 Virgo

   These positions cover the year from July 30, 1939 to July 30, 1940, and are always to be interpreted in their relation to the birth--or radical chart.

   Here you will see the Sun is within orb of the conjunction of the radical Moon. When the Sun by progression forms a conjunction, square, sextile, trine, or opposition to one of the radical planets, the influence begins to manifest when the Sun is 1 1/2 degrees from the exact aspect, and it is felt until the Sun is 1 1/2 degrees past the point of culmination, which of course is the degree and minute of the planet at birth. As the Sun moves about one degree a day, and the time measure of direction is, that one day equals a year, we may say that the influence of the solar aspects is felt for a period of three years. Their effects are particularly strong at times during this period when aspects of the progressed Moon or lunations (New Moons) vivify them.

   As the Sun moves about 5 minutes a month (60 minutes equals 1 degree) we can advance or subtract that much to get the time of exact conjunction. The Moon in radix is 18-05 and the progressed Sun is 18-56 : therefore the culmination happens 10 months earlier--namely, Sept. 30, 1938.

   The Sun progressed to conjunction of radical Moon, when unafflicted, indicates a three year period of popularity and general success.

   The progressed Moon has also left its natal position and square to radical Uranus and reached the opposition to Uranus, which has the effect of disturbing the equilibrium of the organism (Moon in Libra), making him erratic and irritable (opposition Uranus), upsetting the digestion (Moon) and affecting the health (Moon reaches the 6th house). Therefore a time to avoid excitement (Uranus in Aries) and exercise self-control.

   In early life, especially, the Moon is the most important of the planets. We are then more amenable to the lunar rays, for the Moon governs infancy and childhood, the mother and home.

   The Moon measures "the soul's passage from the shores of eternity, through the waters of the womb to the world of Time." The Moon is the time marker, the minute hand of the clock of destiny," while the Sun (and planets) may be considered as the hour hand. Therefore the Moon more than any other celestial body shows us the exact time when any direction culminates or becomes fruitful of events, indicating changes in the physical and material conditions, or reaction through soul-growth and character building, according to circumstances and environment. When that which is latent in the horoscope is brought to a focus--so to speak.

  Page 218 in the Message of the Stars tells us that the Moon measures the period of postnatal growth through its phases of seven days (in progression seven years). Childhood is completed and school age reached when the progressed Moon is square its natal place in the seventh year; then the birth of the vital body takes place.

   When the Moon is opposite its radical position--about the fourteenth year--occurs the birth of the desire body, marking the period of adolescence. And when it makes another square, having traveled three-quarters around the circle of the horoscope, the mental body is born, and one is considered full grown.

   In the 28th year the progressed Moon is conjunct its own place. This marks the period of complete manhood or womanhood. Study the chapter on the Moon in the Message of the Stars, page 217.

   The year he is 14 corresponds to July 18, 1932. Therefore, opposite that date in the ephermeris, we write July 30, 1946. The planets' positions on July 18 are:

   Sun: 25-37 Cancer; Moon: 3-35 Aquarius; Venus: 29-02 Gemini R; Mercury: 22-23 Leo; Saturn: 1-53 Aquarius R; Jupiter: 25-01 Leo; Mars: 18-17 Gemini; Uranus: 23-21 Aries; Neptune: 6-13 Virgo

   Looking over these positions, relating them to the radical chart, we find the progressed Moon making a close aspect (opposition) to the radical Mercury. Mercury is afflicted by the opposition of Saturn, its only adverse aspect. We will find the Moon's exact position with reference to Saturn and Mercury by first taking its yearly travel:

July 19--Moon 17.05 Aquarius
July 18--Moon 03.35 Aquarius

   Then dividing this by 12 we get the progressed monthly motion which is 1 degree 07". Dividing this again by 30 we have the progressed daily motion, being 2'. (1.07 equals 67' divided by 30 equals 2 minutes).

   We ask: when is the Moon precisely conjunct Saturn in 2"52 Aquarius? The difference between Moon 3.35 and Saturn 2.52 is 43', divide by 2 (daily motion), gives 21 or 22 days earlier. Counting back from July 30, 1946, we get July 8, 1946, which is the day, when the progressed Moon will make its exact conjunction with the radical Saturn. The opposition to radical Mercury will occur about 5 days earlier, namely, July 25, 1946, because radical Mercury 3.25 is 9' less than the progressed Moon 3.35 on the Adjusted Calculation Date.

   These two progressed Moon aspects to afflicted radical planets, Saturn and Mercury, indicate a very critical period in the boy's life. An inner struggle, a pessimistic, gloomy attitude toward his studies and social (family) relationships--Mercury in 3rd house, Saturn in 9th. A conflict through his conscience--Saturn--the higher law--9th; his schoolwork, schoolmates, and near relatives--3rd house.

   Keen disappointments perhaps in scholastic honors--Mercury in Leo, Saturn ruling 10th house. Such a troubled state of mind may lead to recklessness, lack of caution, resulting in mishaps should he travel--3rd and 9th. Also possible ill health to mother--Moon.

   We want to know, when the progressed Moon will come trine to radical Mars in 8.31 Gemini:

July 30, 1946--Moon: 3.35 Aquarius
plus 1.07 monthly motion
Aug. 30, 1946: 4.42 Aquarius, trine ascendant. (rad.)
plus 1.07
Sept. 30, 1946: 5.49
plus 1.07
Oct. 30, 1946: 6.56
plus 1.07
Nov. 30, 1946: 8.03 Mars is 8-31--difference 28' divided
   plus 14 days: 0.28 by 2' per days equals 14 days.
Dec. 14, 1946--Moon: 8.31 Aquarius trine radical Mars.

   This progressed Moon trine radical Mars (conjunct Asc.) aspect indicates a period of considerable activity, both of mind and body. The adverse aspects of the summer 1946 have accumulated a great deal of pent-up energy, which under the trine will prove to his benefit, if he uses the dynamic force of Mars through the natural outlet of leadership--Mars in 1st. For instance, a desire and urge to excel in athletic skill and prowess--Mars in 1st. Sharpening of the intellect--Mars in Gemini and a stimulation of the creative, inventive image-making faculty--prog. Moon in Aquarius in 9th house trine Mars in Gemini in 1st house.

   However, he must use caution not to expend his vitality unduly, for the radical square of Mars to Neptune indicates a militant, irascible, impulsive nature, which may bring unhappiness in the home circle--Neptune in 4th house.

   To ameliorate this during the year 1946 the progressed Mercury is conjunct radical Jupiter, trine Uranus. His sanguinity will revive and the mind become more health in outlook. His father may help him considerably here--Jupiter in 4th--or possibly a relative (uncle, Jupiter.) The trine to Uranus invigorates him mentally, bringing unexpected pleasures, impulse to mental work, and a keen desire for occult study, or research into hidden causes--Uranus in the 12th. He may become interested in altruistic and humanitarian work under this aspect.

   Look in Message of the Stars page 499 for progressed lunar directions, page 512 for progressed mutual planetary directions.

Progression of the Angles (Page 480 Message of the Stars.)

   Besides progressing the planets we must also make a similar forward movement of the houses, but these must be calculated by the same method as when erecting a natal figure, save that we use the Sidereal Time for the day, which corresponds to the year for which we wish to progress the horoscope.

   Using the above year 1946, age 14, we take these factors: Lat. 34o N., Long. 118o W. True Local Time of birth: 2:23 A.M.

S.T. noon previous to prog. birthday 1946
  (ephemeris July 17, 1932):
Correction 10" for longitude: 00.01.19
Interval previous noon to T.L.T: 14.23.00
Correction 10" per hour of interval: 00.02.24
S.T. on progressed birthday: 22.06.43

   With this S.T., 22.06.43, we go to the Tables of Houses, using Latitude 34° N. The nearest we find is 22.08.23. We may erect the complete progressed chart by inserting the progressed planet's positions direct from ephemeris (July 18, 1932).

   But this is not necessary; the two angles of chief importance are the Midheaven and Ascendant. The M.C. which is spiritual in nature, the Asc., which is the significator in physical and material matters, are to be recorded only.

   When the native has changed residence, moving north or south from the place of birth, the latitude of the new residence must be used for progression of the angles.

   The progressed M.C. for the year 1946 is 0 Pisces, the Asc. is 19:41 Gemini.

   We note, that the progressed M.C. is trine to progressed Venus in 29.02 Gemini retrograde; the progressed Mars in 18.17 Gemini is conjunct progressed Ascendant.

   These progressed aspects represent a time of activity, changes, and decisions, which may be of great importance in the trend of his future life work.

   The decision remains with the native, however for the prerogative of free will is never removed.


  You are welcome to e-mail your answers and/or comments to us. Please be sure to include your e-mail address, full name, course name and lesson number in your e-mail to us.

1] What day after birth corresponds to the year 1960?

2] What is the boy's age then?

3] In what progressed year does Mercury turn retrograde?

4] In what year does Venus go direct? How old is he?

5] What is the progressed M.C. for 1962: What is the Asc.?

6] Give all the progressed positions of the planets for 1962.

7] Compute the Moon month by month for 1962.

8] What aspects to the radix does it make--and when?

9] What day after birth corresponds to the year when he is 59?

10] Are there any important directions then?


Course Study Resources E-mail your answers to us.

Note: Please do not fail to read and reread the pages in which you find the answers to these questions. After carefully studying the subject matter, strive to condense your answer as much as possible, taking into consideration the principal points.

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