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Lesson 1: Chart Delineation
Lesson 2: The Individuality; Spiritual Strength
Lesson 3: The Personality
Lesson 4: The Mentality
Lesson 5: Vocation and Finance
Lesson 6: Love -- Marriage -- Children
Lesson 7: Delineation: Religion, Philosophy
Lesson 8: Delineation: Friends and Enemies -- Brothers and Sisters....
Lesson 9: Health and Sickness
Lesson 10: Hopes -- Wishes -- Aspirations; Sorrow and Self-Undoing....
Lesson 11: Progression of the Horoscope
Lesson 12: The Progressed Chart
Lesson 13: Transits, Lunations, Eclipses

The Western Wisdom Teachings
Senior Extension Astrology Course
Lesson No. 11

Progression of the Horoscope

The horoscope or radical chart is a picture of the heavens at the moment of birth, showing the celestial bodies in their relation to each other and the zodiac, and indicating the path of life of the incoming Ego according to its self-generated destiny from past lives and experiences. The child is immersed in an atmosphere charged with the stellar vibrations peculiar to that moment; these are stamped upon each atom of its sensitive organism by the air inhaled with the first breath.

   Time does not stand still, and the planets do not remain stationary. While the birth chart indicates the tendencies, traits, and potential character of the infant, the "progressions" for the coming years indicate growth and change in the native and his environment.

   The progressed positions of the planets are called "directions"; they mark the time in life when changes are due to occur. There are two kinds of directions, primary and secondary. Primary directions are formed between the progressed planets and their original positions in the birth chart. Secondary directions are formed by the progression of the Moon to aspects with the planets, particularly the radical.

   The secondary aspects are of vital importance for unless the primary directions are supported by aspects of a similar nature from the progressed Moon, or unless there is an aspect from a New Moon, they are not effective.

   The "progressed years" correspond to the number of days after birth. Every day in the Ephermeris subsequent to the birthday tells of the progressed conditions of the corresponding year of life. For instance, the primary positions 25 days after the birthday indicate the conditions of life at 25 years of age.

   The old accepted method of progression was to calculate a new chart for every year of life in the same way used in making the birth chart, only substituting the Sidereal Time and planetary positions of the particular year (day) wanted. This is very cumbersome and entirely unnecessary, so we use Max Heindel's simple method, which is called "the Adjusted Calculation Date."

   This permanent A.C.D. date, used throughout life, is the starting point of directions instead of the birthday. It enables us to copy the noon positions of the planets straight from the Ephermeris for whatever year is wanted without making any more detailed calculations. Please study attentively chapters 22 and 23 in The Message of the Stars, beginning page 462 -- "Fate or Free Will."

   To reiterate: the progressed years always start on the Adjusted Calculation Date and not the birthday. An exception is when a person is born at such a time that the Greenwich Mean Time will be Noon.

   Suppose the birthday is May 12th and the Adj. Calc. Date found is March 24th. Then the progressions always start on March 24th every year. Study closely page 472 in "The Message of the Stars."

How to Find the Adjusted Calculation Date

   The basis for finding this Date is always the G.M.T. of birth. Quoting from page 471, "The Message of the Stars":

  I. If the Greenwich Mean Time of birth is before noon, the planets' place in the Ephermeris are calculated for a later time, and as they progress at the rate of a day (of 24 hours) for a year, they will reach the Longitude given in the Ephemeris some day within a year after birth.

  II. If the G.M.T. of birth is after noon, the planets' places in the Ephermeris for the year of birth are calculated for an earlier time than birth, and the positions there given correspond to a certain day in the twelve-month before birth.


   (1) Find the interval from G.M.T. to the following noon.

   (2) To this interval add the Sidereal Time for Greenwich noon on the birth day as given in the Ephemeris. The sum of these is the Sidereal Time of the Adjusted Calculation Date.

   (3) When the G.M.T. at birth is A.M. of the birthday, or P.M. of the preceding day (this may happen in east Longitude), count forward in the Ephermeris till you find a day having the required S.T; that date is the Adj. Calc. Date.

   (4) When the G.M.T. at birth is P.M. on the birthday, or A.M. of the succeeding day, read backward in the Ephermeris till you find the day having the required S.T.; that date is the Adj. Calc. Date.

   We will now proceed to find the Adjusted Calculation Date for our practice chart of July 4th, 1932, 2:15 A.M., Lat. 34 N. Long 118 W. The G.M.T. is 10:15 A.M.

1. Interval to following noon (July 4 ): 1.45
2. S.T. for Greenwich noon on birthday (July 4): 6.49
S.T. on Adj. Calc. Date: 8.34

   As our G.M.T. is A.M. on the birthday we go forward from July 4 and find the nearest S.T. to be that of July 30, which is the Adj. Calc. Date.

   Having once found this date we use it for the whole life. But remember the Adj. Calc. Date has nothing whatever to do with that date in the Ephermeris. It means that the noon positions of the planets any day after birth are the progressed positions of the planets for the Adj. Calc. Date, which thus begins the native's progressed year instead of at the birthday. In the present case this is July 30th instead of July 4th. To help in understanding this better we mark in the margins of the Ephemeris as follows, using a day for a progressed year:

Progressed Positions For: Planets' Noon Positions For: Age of Native
July 30, 1932 July 4, 1932 Birth year
July 30, 1933 July 5, 1932 One year
July 30, 1934 July 6, 1932 Two years
July 30, 1935 July 7, 1932 Three years
July 30, 1936 July 9, 1932 Four years
and so on.

   Let us suppose that the G.M.T. is 1:45 P.M.

Hr. Min.
Interval to following noon (July 5): 22 15
Plus S.T. noon birthday (July 4): 6 49
29 04
Minus 24 00
S.T. on Adj. Calc. Date: 5 04

   Looking backward in the Ephemeris from birthday to a day having this required S.T. we get June 7th as the Adj. Calc. Date. This will be the correct A.C.D.

Example No. 1:
G.M.T. is 9:00 P.M. September 7, 1932
Interval from G.M.T. (9 P.M.) to following noon: 15 00
S.T. noon on birthday (Sept 4): 11 05
26 05
Minus 24 00
S.T. on Adj. Calc. Date: 2 05

   Going back in Ephermeris to a day having this required S.T., we find it to be April 23, 1932.

Example No. 2:
G.M.T. is 8:30 A.M. December 12, 1932
Interval from G.M.T. (9 P.M.) to following noon: 3 30
Plus S.T. Dec. 12, 1932 (birthday): 17 24
S.T. on Adj. Calc. Date: 20 54

   Looking forward in the ephemeris we find this to correspond to February 3, 1933, which is the exact Adj. Calc. Date.

   In such a case we must mark our ephermeris thus:

Progressed Positions for: Planets' Noon Positions for:
February 3, 1933 December 12, 1932
February 3, 1934 December 13, 1932
February 3, 1935 December 14, 1932
and so on.

Example No. 3:
Birth January 27, 1932, G.M.T., 10:36 P.M.
Interval to following noon (Jan. 28): 13 24
S.T. noon on birthday (Jan. 27): 20 22
33 46
Minus 24 00
S.T. on Adj. Calc. Date: 9 46

   Going backward in Ephemeris we find the required day to be Aug. 19, 1931, which will be the true Adj. Calc. Date.

   When children are born early or late in the year, the A.C.D. may come into the year before or the year after the birth year, so it is very important to state the Adj. Calc. Date by year as well as month and day. And when the G.M.T. is close to midnight, there will be nearly 6 months difference between the birthday and the Adj. Calc. Date.

   The last example we mark thus in the Ephermeris:

Progressed Positions for: Planets' Noon Positions for:
August 19, 1931 January 27, 1932
August 19, 1932 January 28, 1932
August 19, 1933 January 29, 1932
August 19, 1934 January 30, 1932
and so on.

   It is essential to have the correct Adj. Calc. Date and year, for this is the starting point from which we prognosticate probable conditions in coming years of life.

   There is a second method known as Time Correspondence, and it might be of benefit for the student to familiarize himself with it, as it provides a quick method of reckoning the A.C.D. But as it is not always accurate, we do not show it, rather referring the student to The Message of the Stars, pages 472-473, for full instructions.



  You are welcome to e-mail your answers and/or comments to us. Please be sure to include your e-mail address, full name, course name and lesson number in your e-mail to us.

1] What is meant by the Adjusted Calculation Date?

2] How do we use it?

3] How do we find such a date?

4] If the G.M.T. is 12:59 P.M., July 4, 1932, what is the A.C.D.?

5] If the G.M.T. is 12:59 A.M., July 4, 1932, what is the A.C.D.?

6] Give the Adj. Calc. Date for the next 3 problems.

  [a] G.M.T. 8:26 A.M., May 14, 1932.

  [b] G.M.T. 3:20 P.M., January 9, 1932.

  [c] G.M.T. 5:14 A.M., December 24, 1932.

Course Study Resources E-mail your answers to us.

Note: Please do not fail to read and reread the pages in which you find the answers to these questions. After carefully studying the subject matter, strive to condense your answer as much as possible, taking into consideration the principal points.

Answers to Lesson No. 10:

1] Pisces on the 11th house cusp indicates limitation in having hopes, wishes, and aspirations realized. As Neptune, ruler of this house basically represents superphysical entities of all degrees, and, as it signifies delusions, chaotic mental conditions and confusion from the material standpoint, the boy's worldly hopes will often be thwarted. Spiritualizing his aspirations will be his safeguard. Neptune sextile the Sun intensifies his higher vibrations and makes him peculiarly sensitive to the echoes from the heaven world. Therefore, with his fertile imagination and deep emotion (Neptune sextile Venus), he will do well to aspire high in life. If his aspirations are low he will meet many obstacles and disappointments. There is danger of psychism, mediumship, atheism, and if conditions are not carefully watched and controlled, discarnate entities may take hold of him and force him to go to any extreme to gratify his impulsive and lawless desires and wishes (Neptune square Mars).

2] Having an independent, original, and ambitious nature, coupled with an impulsive, abrupt, and headstrong manner (Uranus in Aries), he will arouse resentment and opposition all through life; and such conditions indicate loss of reputation, estrangement from kin and friends, and never-ending haunting fear of impending disaster (Uranus in 12th house), which, if he fails to curb his impetuosity. will undoubtedly materialize. Uranus square the Moon tends to augment the foregoing, inasmuch as it makes him erratic, overbearing, with desires for clandestine attachments which will always result in trouble and sorrow. On the other hand Uranus trine Jupiter will come to his assistance in that it will enable him to realize his broad, humane, and benevolent tendencies, and force him to develop his innate finer qualities of honesty and sincerity; the desire for the better and higher things of life will possess his soul if he will but allow it entrance.

3] Jupiter posited in the 4th house is excellent for all conditions in later life. The boy will accumulate money, probably inherit a legacy from his parents, and will end his days among friends. Old age prosperity is also promised by Jupiter trine Uranus, and this aspect and promise are augmented by Jupiter parallel the M. C. These configurations, together with Neptune in the 4th house will bring him into contact with spiritual science, and enable him to develop his spiritual faculties (Neptune sextile the Sun). Occult philosophy and religion will also play their parts in his later years (Neptune in the 4th house), but there is danger of their misuse due to an irascible and fanatical nature (Neptune square Mars); therefore he will constantly have to exert else restraint; physically, morally, mentally, and spiritually. Neptune sextile Venus will be an aid in this respect.

4] [a] Because Sagittarius is on the cusp of the 8th house and Jupiter ruler thereof, a peaceful death is indicated, although it may be sudden and unexpected, due to the fact that Jupiter is in aspect to Uranus.

   [b] There are excellent significations that the native will endeavor to lead the regenerate life, but not; until his later years. If, at that time, he awakens to the higher vibrations of Jupiter, ruler of the 8th house, trine Uranus in the 12th house, and Jupiter parallel the M. a., he will undoubtedly strive to live and conform to the highest and best he knows. But vigilance is to be the watchword if success is to be realized.

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