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Lesson 1: Chart Delineation
Lesson 2: The Individuality; Spiritual Strength
Lesson 3: The Personality
Lesson 4: The Mentality
Lesson 5: Vocation and Finance
Lesson 6: Love -- Marriage -- Children
Lesson 7: Delineation: Religion, Philosophy
Lesson 8: Delineation: Friends and Enemies -- Brothers and Sisters....
Lesson 9: Health and Sickness
Lesson 10: Hopes -- Wishes -- Aspirations; Sorrow and Self-Undoing....
Lesson 11: Progression of the Horoscope
Lesson 12: The Progressed Chart
Lesson 13: Transits, Lunations, Eclipses

The Western Wisdom Teachings
Senior Extension Astrology Course
Lesson No. 7


Religion, Philosophy
Spiritual Power -- Occult Ability

The time has now come for pointing out the way by which each individual may investigate for himself some of the facts with which he must deal in order to make spiritual progress.

   We can not repeat too often the great truth that what we are, what we have, all our good qualities are the result of our own actions in the past. What we lack in physical, moral, mental or spiritual excellence may yet be ours in the future!

   Let it be remembered that our present actions determine future conditions.

  (Ref., Pages 154, 155, 163,Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception.)

   There are no special gifts bestowed upon anyone. All may know for themselves the truth concerning the pilgrimage of the spirit through matter; its method and its object. There is a method whereby this valuable knowledge may be acquired and by which, if persistently followed, God-like powers may be developed.

   The Ego has several instruments which the Rosicrucians call the tools of the Spirit. The Dense body, Vital body, Desire body, and the Mind constitute these tools and they are good, bad or indifferent according to what we have learned through past experience in the building of them. As we work with these wonderful tools they improve and grow in power and efficiency.

   The time required to achieve positive, spiritual development varies with each individual and depends upon his application, his stage in evolution and his ripe destiny to be liquidated in any particular life.

   The fundamental principle in making spiritual progress is in doing the little things of every day life to the best of our ability. We must systematically conquer all attempts of the Desire body to assume mastery, and we must overcome the annoyances, troubles, obstacles, and selfish instincts of our daily lives with noble aspirations.

   All that is of this life alone is vanity. Only that is of true value which can be taken with us across the threshold as the treasure of the spirit.

   And remember above all, Fellow Student; it is not a question of faith, but of showing our faith by works. It is not what we believe, but how religiously we live.

  (Ref., Chapter 17 and pages 155 to 163, The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception.)

   In the Book of Revelation we find these words: "Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God and he shall go no more out."

   And self-forgetting service to our fellow man is the shortest, the safest, and the most joyful road which leads to spiritual attainment.

Spiritual Power

   Of an individual is shown in the complete sense, and chiefly by the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. The Sun, however, is the main factor, the other planets lending color, harmony or discord, assistance or hindrance, in the matter. (Ref., Page 147, Simplified Scientific Astrology.)

Religion and Philosophy

   Indicated by the 9th house, planets therein, or the planet Jupiter and the sign Sagittarius. (Jupiter and Sagittarius are the natural rulers of the 9th house.) (Ref., page 78, Message of the Stars and page 148, Simplified Scientific Astrology.)

Occult Ability

   Denoted by the 8th and 12th houses, planets therein and the signs of their cusps. (Ref., page 78, Message of the Stars and Junior Astrology Lessons 19 and 22.)


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1] From the Sun's sign, house position and its sextile to Neptune state briefly the boy's spiritual power.

2] In keywords give the effect of:

  [a] Capricorn on the cusp of the 9th house.

  [b] Saturn in the 9th house in Aquarius.

3] Write 300 words or more on the religious nature,occult ability and spiritual strength of the boy.


Course Study Resources E-mail your answers to us.

Note: Please do not fail to read and reread the pages in which you find the answers to these questions. After carefully studying the subject matter, strive to condense your answer as much as possible, taking into consideration the principal points.

Answers to Lesson No. 6

1] (a) Virgo.
   (b) Mercury.
   (c) Leo.
   (d) Venus.
   (e) Libra.

2] Sagittarius and Jupiter

3] Marriage should bring him the most happiness in later life because Jupiter rules the 7th, the house of marriage, and Jupiter is deposited in the 4th house, which rules the latter part of life--old age. Moon in 2nd house and Moon square Uranus show late marriage.

4] Mercury, the life ruler of this boy, is also ruler of the 5th house, the department of his love affairs, pleasures and amusements.

   Morally, this boy is of an extremely passionate nature, (Ref., lesson 4). He is negative, easily swayed, easily aroused and very emotional. However, he is inclined, within himself, to desire a more or less moral life and he has the will power to conquer himself if he will but try.

   Virgo on the cusp of the 5th house will assist him to "overcome" his lower nature and keep it from running amuck, for Virgo is a cold, earthy, mental sign, the sign of purity and service, therefore underneath his ardent, emotional love nature a mental brake will force him to take stock and call a halt to excessive emotional and physical pleasures.

   Mercury is sextile Mars, giving too much ardor to his love nature and inclining him to fall in and out of love frequently The opposition of Saturn to Mercury, however, will make him think before he ever takes the step to the altar unless the impetuosity of Mars causes him to make a rash marriage.

   The Dragon's Tail in the 5th house may be interpreted as the drop of bitterness in the honey. The Dragon's Tail is often said to signify the unredeemed in man, and if we take this view of it we may say that he will find his redemption through his love affairs through his pleasures, his amusements his children, and in ail things connected with his 5th house--if--he lives up to the highest spiritual ideals of these various phases of his life.

   There is a possibility that any marriage he makes might turn out to be barren with regard to children because of Virgo ruling the 5th house. As heretofore stated it is an earthy, barren sign, and Mercury its ruler is in direct opposition to Saturn. However, with Jupiter in Leo the natural ruler of the 5th house, and the fact that 23 degrees of Libra operate there also, these conditions will tend to equalize the barren possibilities to a great extent.

   Venus is influential in the 6th house as it is the ruler of Libra, This makes his susceptibility to the opposite sex all the more powerful and will tend to somewhat soften the coldness of Saturn opposing Mercury.

   Jupiter rules the 7th, the house of marriage, and makes a very close trine to Uranus, thus showing the possibility of a sudden marriage.

   The marriage partner may be an unusual sort of woman, the Uranian type; rather unconventional and probably jolly and broadminded. As Jupiter is in the house of the home, in Leo, the wife will enjoy her home and will want to entertain on a lavish scale. She will probably dominate in the sphere in which she moves.

   There is also this factor to be considered: Saturn is in very close opposition to the boy's life ruler, Mercury, and this aspect alone may cause him to never marry.

   He will have spells of indecision, but the chances are that he will marry and probably more than once as Sagittarius is a double-bodied sign. Cancer people love the home, and all that the home brings them.

   Sagittarius, the sign on the 7th house, and its ruler, Jupiter, have prominent influence on the description of the marriage partner for this boy. Jupiter trine to Uranus and parallel to the Midheaven clearly indicates the strength of position and advantages that she will bring into his life. His idealistic search for a partner may easily postpone marriage until later years, with the possible result that he would marry a widow with children (Dragon's Head in the 11th, partner's children; Jupiter ruling Sagittarius, a double bodied sign, partner's second marriage).

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