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Lesson 1: Chart Delineation
Lesson 2: The Individuality; Spiritual Strength
Lesson 3: The Personality
Lesson 4: The Mentality
Lesson 5: Vocation and Finance
Lesson 6: Love -- Marriage -- Children
Lesson 7: Delineation: Religion, Philosophy
Lesson 8: Delineation: Friends and Enemies -- Brothers and Sisters....
Lesson 9: Health and Sickness
Lesson 10: Hopes -- Wishes -- Aspirations; Sorrow and Self-Undoing....
Lesson 11: Progression of the Horoscope
Lesson 12: The Progressed Chart
Lesson 13: Transits, Lunations, Eclipses

The Rosicrucian Fellowship
Senior Extension Astrology Course
Lesson No. 2

The Individuality

   The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception tells us that there is only one way of showing our Faith, and that is by our Works.

   Therefore, as you continue the study of this Divine Science of Astrology, realize that you are becoming the steward of specialized knowledge which must only be used in order to serve humanity.

   Service is the Keyword and it can never be repeated too much nor too often.

   It does not matter in what department of life you are placed, whether you are high or low, rich or poor. It is immaterial whether you are engaged in some menial task, or whether it is your privilege to lead and manage affairs in the world's work. It is absolutely unessential whether your hands are grimy with the lowest labor, perhaps digging a sewer to maintain the health of the community, or whether they are soft and white as required when nursing the sick.

   The determining factor which decides whether any class of work is spiritual or material is our attitude in the matter.

   The person who does the most menial labor may be far more spiritual than the leader in the world's work; far more sincere and devoted than a hypocritical teacher who pretends to spirituality, but is corrupt within.

   A kind look, an expression of confidence, a sympathetic and loving helpfulness, can all be given regardless of wealth.

The Individuality

   As man is made in the image of God, who is threefold in manifestation, so astrologically, the higher Self in man is represented by a circle with the central point denoting the highest, spiritual aspect, the Divine Spirit whose faculty is Will. Therefore, the Sun stands in the horoscope as the highest expression of the Individual Self. It denotes the positive outgoing influences in man, his character in the highest sense of the word. Ref., Page 147, Simplified Scientific Astrology.)

   The Sun represents the Ego, the Individual, the Spirit in Man. Its place in a horoscope, together with its aspects, shows the method and coloring and manner if ingress of the spiritual forces which go to make up his present life expression.

   The Sun is man's spiritual power house. (Ref., Pages 86, 258, 265, 390 and 391, The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception.)

Spiritual Strength

   Of an individual is shown in the complete sense by the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. However, the Sun is the main factor, the other planets lending color, harmony or discord, assistance or hindrance, in the matter. (Ref. Page 147, Simplified Scientific Astrology.)

   And so, Fellow Student, when you seek the inner man, look to the Sun.

   First, its sign; second, its aspects; third, its house position. In the chart that we are delineating there are but four aspects: the conjunction with the Moon, the parallel to Mars, the parallel to Part of Fortune, and the sextile to Neptune.

Sun Parallel Part of Fortune:

   Assists the Ego, the spiritual man, to gleam valuable experience and soul growth through material and financial circumstances, and efforts of the physical body. (There is a danger of losses by over-generousity and prodigality.)


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1] Give the keywords of the Sun in Cancer.

2] Give the keywords of the Sun in the Second House.

3] [a] Describe in keywords the Sun in conjunction with the Moon.

  [b] Describe in keywords the Sun Parallel Mars.

  [c] Describe in keywords the Sun sextile Neptune.

4] Blend the keywords of questions 1, 2, and 3, in a short and compact paragraph.

5] Write a detailed delineation of the sun in this chart, with regard to sign, house, and aspects. Write at least two hundred words or over.

  (Ref., Simplified Scientific Astrology and Message of the Stars.)


Course Study Resources E-mail your answers to us.

Note: Please do not fail to read and reread the pages in which you find the answers to these questions. After carefully studying the subject matter, strive to condense your answer as much as possible, taking into consideration the principal points.

Answers to Lesson No. 1:

  1] Obviously a frank open mind (Ascendant parallel Mercury), concealing a balance and depth of mental power (Ascendant parallel Saturn) which is courageous and continuously persistent (Ascendant trine Saturn), and when necessary, having a natural bent for business and making money. Also he can be subtle, deceptive, and wily (Ascendant square Neptune). These conditions give him ample opportunity for soul-growth (Ascendant parallel Part of Fortune).

  2] Tall, slender body, quick and alert in movement, inclined to be restless and fidgety if kept too closely confined. Arms and limbs particularly long. Fingers slender, hair dark, with hazel eyes. (Gemini rising). Muscular, athletic, and active body (Mars on Ascendant). Tends to scars on head and face.

  3] Give briefly, in keywords, the following effects:

(a) Mars conjunction Ascendant. -- Energy and great power of physical ability, strong constitution, excellent recuperative powers, muscular strength, but sometimes rash and impulsive. Tendency to accidents to head and face.

(b) Mars parallel Ascendant -- Strengthens conjunction with Ascendant. Ambition, courage, self-reliance, determination, enterprising, fine endurance and practical.

(c) Mercury in third house -- Good mental faculties, fluency as a speaker or writer and more or less harmony with relatives.

(d) Mercury sextile Ascendant -- Studious, quick mind, literary interests, gain by writing, speaking. Dexterous and ingenious. Coordination between mind and body.

(e) Mercury parallel Ascendant -- Gain through mental application. Scholastic success, quick-witted; acute, inquiring mind . . . always wants to know the "reason why." Nervous, and restless at times, but intensifies mental qualities.

(f) Mercury sextile Mars -- Adds great strength and guidance to the mind and augments the energy a hundred-fold. Alert, witty, humorous, satirical, and skillful.

(g) Mercury parallel Mars -- Enthusiastic, businesslike, constructive, animated and magnetic when interested. Inclination for chemistry, drawing, engineering, and practical, mechanical methods. Force, energy, and splendid mental abilities. Increases the restlessness and nervousness, due to the vibrant energy that must be used.

(h) Mercury parallel Part of Fortune -- Furnishes incentive and reason for the accumulation of material wealth and possessions.

Parallels intensify existing configurations in the chart.

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