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Lesson 1: Some General Advice Regarding Attitude of Mind...
Lesson 2: Progressing the Ascendant and Midheaven
Lesson 3: Progressing the Ascendant and Midheaven [continued]
Lesson 4: Progressing the Ascendant and Midheaven [continued]
Lesson 5: Spiritual Benefits of the so-called Evil Aspects
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Lesson 11: Retrograde Planets
Lesson 12: Astrology and Health

The Western Wisdom Teachings
Senior Astrology Course
Lesson No. 12

Dear Friend:

   Having considered the spiritual phase of our horoscope and the rocks to be avoided, let us see what weak points in the physical casement require care that health may be preserved.

   Saturn is the planet of obstruction, no matter how he may be aspected. The point where his ray falls is always weak, susceptible in respect to cold, and consequently liable to contraction. In our horoscope, Saturn is placed in a fixed sign, Taurus: his elevation gives him great power, and we may judge that the boy will be liable to colds, also that the throat will at times seem to contract and produce a sense of strangulation. As a planet exercises a subsidiary effect in the opposite sign from that in which it is placed, we may judge that Jupiter in Scorpio will also exert an influence in the throat. The general nature of this planet tends to produce portliness wherever it has dominion, and we may look for enlargement of the tonsils from this configuration.

   You know the sympathetic connection between the organs of sex and speech, how the boy's voice changes at puberty, and you will readily realize what is likely to happen to this boy. At that age the throat is naturally sensitive, and when Jupiter expands the tonsils and Saturn contracts the orifice of the throat, a painful condition will probably result. Without the knowledge of Astrology the majority cannot judge the passing nature of this condition, and those who are ignorant of the occult danger of removing the tonsils usually proceed to have the operation performed.

   Puberty occurs about the time when the Moon passes in opposition to its natal place. In this horoscope there are 16 degrees between the radical Moon and Saturn. The usual motion of the Moon is about one degree per month. During the 16 months while she passes in opposition to her radical place, the conjunction to Jupiter, and the opposition to Saturn the above mentioned condition of the throat will be worse. Once the critical period is past, relief will come naturally without aid from the knife.

   Regarding the effect of removing tonsils: these are ruled by Taurus, one of the signs of Venus. There is great sympathy between signs ruled by the same planet. Libra, the other Venus sign, rules the kidneys. Removal of tonsils from the Taurus region affects secretion of urine in the Libra region. Therefore when we remove the tonsils from a child we create a tendency to gout and rheumatism in later years.

   This is an important point of great value to parents and astro-health adjusters which we hope will save the coming generation much suffering.

Yours in fellowship,
  Max Heindel

N. B. -- This Lesson Ends the Senior Course

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Answers to Lesson No. 11:

   The faculties of Mercury - analysis, reason, discrimination, and literary ability, as directed by sign and aspects - will be held in abeyance until that planet becomes direct. When Mercury comes to the trine with Saturn, the Planet of depth and concentration, the conditions for success are present in any line of thought that the native is likely to take up.

   Saturn is in the harmonious sign of Taurus, sextile to Neptune, and trine to Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus. Thus, to Mercury, when making this aspect, will be given strength and power, inspiration and beauty. Although the mind will tend to material things, so many of the planets being in earthy signs, yet the well-aspected Neptune in Cancer on the ASC, and Pisces on the cusp of the 9th house, will indicate a strong natural love for the occult which will doubtless be accentuated by the progression of Mercury to a trine with the radical Saturn.

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