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Lesson 1: Some General Advice Regarding Attitude of Mind...
Lesson 2: Progressing the Ascendant and Midheaven
Lesson 3: Progressing the Ascendant and Midheaven [continued]
Lesson 4: Progressing the Ascendant and Midheaven [continued]
Lesson 5: Spiritual Benefits of the so-called Evil Aspects
Lesson 6: Neptune considered...
Lesson 7: Astrological Keywords considered...
Lesson 8: Love and Altruism...
Lesson 9: Mercury considered...
Lesson 10: "Applying" and "Separating" planets
Lesson 11: Retrograde Planets
Lesson 12: Astrology and Health

The Western Wisdom Teachings
Senior Astrology Course
Lesson No. 10

Dear Friend:

   In the majority of horoscopes Saturn appears as afflicted, and through him come most of our heartaches. His position in Taurus and the house of friends is unfortunate in the respects indicated in Letter No. 3, but his elevation and powerfully good aspect to the Sun, Venus, and Uranus bring out the best qualities of this planet. Mercury is in Virgo, the sign of its exaltation, in conjunction with the Sun, and separating from a trine of Saturn. When a planet having a certain orbital velocity comes into aspect with another heavenly body that is slower and more ponderous, the swifter planet is said to "apply" to the trine, square, or other aspect as the case may be, from the time it comes within "orb" until the aspect is exact. Then it begins to "separate" and though it is in aspect while within the orb of six degrees or a little more, its influence is not nearly so strong as while it is applying. Take as an illustration the relation of Saturn and Mercury in the present horoscope. Saturn is in Taurus 20:9, and Mercury in Virgo 13:13, retrograde. As Mercury travels around the Sun in 88 days, and Saturn requires more than 29 years to complete its circle, it is obvious that Mercury makes and breaks every aspect with Saturn (and indeed with all the other planets except the Moon), repeatedly.

   Mercury is getting nearly beyond orb of a trine to Saturn in this horoscope. It is "separating" due to its retrograde motion, but nevertheless its force will be noticeable in the boy's make-up. It will give persistence and balance to the mind which may save him from the affliction of Neptune. Mercury also goes before the Sun. The revolution of the earth upon its axis makes the planets seem to rise and set, and a planet in Virgo 13 (as Mercury) naturally rises before another in Virgo 18 (as the Sun). In that position Mercury, the mystic "light bearer" of the Gods, goes ahead of the spirit, signified by the Sun, with the lamp of reason and intelligence. This is a position much to be preferred to that where the Sun rises first and Mercury follows, for there the mystic light is behind the spirit and it requires a greater struggle to attain illumination than where Mercury precedes.

   The sextile of Mercury to Jupiter, the planet of "benevolence," further attests the inherent nobility of mind and strengthens the influence of Mercury in the horoscope.

   The Moon is in the highest elevation and in Taurus, the sign of its exaltation, but it is applying to an opposition of Jupiter. Its influence in the horoscope is therefore less than that of Mercury; hence there is every reason to expect that this boy will escape the snares of mediumship and some day knock at the door of the Temple.

Work for the Student:

  You are welcome to e-mail your answers and/or comments to us. Please be sure to include your e-mail address, full name, course name and lesson number in your e-mail to us.

1] I would like to make sure that you understand the principle of "application" and "separation" of planets as explained; also about Mercury preceding and following the Sun. Please answer this: Is Saturn applying to a trine to Uranus or is he separating, in our horoscope? When the Sun is in Cancer 28 and Mercury is in Leo 25, does Mercury rise before or after the Sun?

Course Study Resources E-mail your answers to us.

Note: Please do not fail to read and reread the pages in which you find the answers to these questions. After carefully studying the subject matter, strive to condense your answer as much as possible, taking into consideration the principal points.

Yours in fellowship,
   Max Heindel

Answers to Lesson No. 9:

   The gateway which our subject will choose is not likely to be the Moon, or emotion, but Mercury, or reason. Although the Moon, ruler of the ASC is elevated and in the sign of her exaltation: Taurus, she also has a sextile to Pluto and a parallel to Jupiter. The conjunction with the Dragon's Head is not of much importance. A weak opposition to Jupiter tends to lessen her strength.

   In contrast to the above, we find Mercury strong and in its own sign: Virgo, in the 3rd house, that of Gemini, which it also rules, and in conjunction with the Sun (ruler of the chart), and rising before him. Furthermore, it is sextile to Jupiter, the ruler of the higher mind, which is in the occult sign Scorpio, and in the house of Leo, that of the heart. These positions will give him an intellectual, analytical, and brilliant mind, of an expansive nature, naturally drawn to the higher teachings where in the heart is centered. Thus he will combine the head with the heart.

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