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Lesson 1: Some General Advice Regarding Attitude of Mind...
Lesson 2: Progressing the Ascendant and Midheaven
Lesson 3: Progressing the Ascendant and Midheaven [continued]
Lesson 4: Progressing the Ascendant and Midheaven [continued]
Lesson 5: Spiritual Benefits of the so-called Evil Aspects
Lesson 6: Neptune considered...
Lesson 7: Astrological Keywords considered...
Lesson 8: Love and Altruism...
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Lesson 11: Retrograde Planets
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The Western Wisdom Teachings
Senior Astrology Course
Lesson No. 8

Dear Friend:

   "Love" is a much hackneyed word, and the emotion thus miscalled is usually so tainted with passion and desire that it is Martian rather than Venusian in character. Coalition suggests a most intimate union, a blending of the very souls of two or more people who compose a family; but altruism, the keyword of Uranus, hints at such an all-embracing love as our Savior felt when He wept over Jerusalem and applied that wonderful simile of the hen which gathers its brood under its wings. Thus Uranus is the octave of Venus, and anyone ready to enter the Path of Preparation which leads to the Way of Initiation must gradually learn to outgrow the Venus love which makes the immediate family all in all and begin to cultivate the all-embracing Uranus altruism. The aspects of Mercury and Neptune to Uranus bring the tests which further our development, if passed, and delay us when we fail. The goal is high, and those who aim high often fall low. When we essay to transcend the Venus love and cultivate the Uranus altruism we are in great danger, and the most promising lives are sometimes wrecked by the pernicious theory of soul mates, clandestine love affairs, and perversion of the creative function.

   In a horoscope such as we are considering, where the progressed MC squares Neptune in the 12th house, Neptune at the same time opposing Uranus on the cusp of the 7th, we have one of the most dangerous combinations, for the aspect to Neptune tends to attract spirit controls. These despicable entities have a knack of beguiling their unsuspecting victims, by plausible platitudes, into the most abominable practices, as indicated by the aspects of Uranus and Neptune. The double square to the MC, which rules honor and social standing, would indicate that a public scandal is inevitable - if -

   Yes, thank God there is always that "if," for in the final analysis there is the man with this Godlike faculty of reason to be reckoned with. Experience has taught us the unwisdom of depending upon the appearance of an applicant for a position of trust; we demand credentials as to character and antecedents. Ought we not to be much more careful with "spirit voices" from the Invisible? Paul exhorted his followers to "try the spirits." They are known by their fruits. Love, Joy, Peace, Forbearance, Kindness, Goodness, Fidelity, Meekness and Self-Control are mentioned as "fruits of the godly spirit." Paul exhorts his followers particularly not to use their liberty for "an occasion of the flesh," licentiousness being mentioned as prime fruit of the flesh.

   Paul was speaking to people upon the Path of Preparation and all who have qualified to receive these lessons are there also, though at varying stages. They feel the Uranian vibrations urging them to love beyond the confines of the family circle. May God bless their efforts.

   But remember this: Altruism does not require return of the love bestowed upon others; it has absolutely no concern with sex; it will not lessen the love for our family, but they, being nearest to us, will feel the increase of our love to a greater degree than those farther away. Unless our love brings forth such fruits, it is not Uranian, nor even Venusian; it will not further us upon the Path of Attainment. When Neptune is on the Asc. in Pisces or the 12th house, spirit voices are the tempters; in the 9th house, one's own mind; in the 7th, an associate, etc.

   "Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the Temple."


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1]  What do you think is the connection between Mercury and Neptune?

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Yours in fellowship,
   Max Heindel

Answers to Lesson No. 7:

   The keywords of Venus are coalition, harmony, beauty. It is the planet of attraction and personal love: the love for one's mate and family, and for all that is beautiful in life.

   The keyword of Uranus is altruism. It is the planet of universality, signifying that all-embracing love and compassion which Christ Jesus felt. When the Venus love, through disappointment and sorrow has become selfless, it has been transmuted into the sublime altruism of Uranus, knowing no race, creed, or family. Thus we may say that Uranus is the higher octave of Venus.

   Physiologically, also, there is a connection between the two planets. Venus rules the thymus gland, while Uranus rules the pituitary body. Both, though in different ways, are glands of nutrition and growth. Pituitary extract is given to women to artificially stimulate the labor pains, thus shortening the suffering attendant at childbirth. Surely it points to a connection between the two planets that the pains of birth -- partly due to the Venusian qualities of attraction and coalition -- are so greatly helped by an extract of the gland which is ruled by her higher octave, Uranus

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