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Lesson 1: Some General Advice Regarding Attitude of Mind...
Lesson 2: Progressing the Ascendant and Midheaven
Lesson 3: Progressing the Ascendant and Midheaven [continued]
Lesson 4: Progressing the Ascendant and Midheaven [continued]
Lesson 5: Spiritual Benefits of the so-called Evil Aspects
Lesson 6: Neptune considered...
Lesson 7: Astrological Keywords considered...
Lesson 8: Love and Altruism...
Lesson 9: Mercury considered...
Lesson 10: "Applying" and "Separating" planets
Lesson 11: Retrograde Planets
Lesson 12: Astrology and Health

The Western Wisdom Teachings
Senior Astrology Course
Lesson No. 5

Dear Friend:

   I have waited before writing till a representative number of answers to No. 4 have been received, in order to find out how students would solve that problem, as knowledge of their difficulties would aid me in explaining and giving them just the needed information. All have solved the mathematical part, a large majority of those who have answered to date have also made creditable attempts to outline the effect of the aspect, and a few have done excellent work; but a few others have been peevish, said they came to learn and should not be expected to judge. As similar methods will be persuaded right along, it may be well to explain that the plan of teaching which continually feeds the student's mind with facts pertaining to a certain study without attempting to draw from him more than given is apt to render the mind sluggish instead of sharp.

   A system of teaching, to be adequate, must stimulate individual ideas by questions somewhat in advance of the pupil's knowledge. It is not easy for the pupil; nothing worthwhile comes without struggle, but by trying to achieve or attain we develop latent powers, and each new problem solved makes work on the next one lighter. Therefore I shall continue to ask such questions, and sometimes I may take the liberty of making a mistake in the hope of being caught by the whole class.

   Now, about our question, "What is the effect of the progressed Midheaven square Neptune?" We will consider this thoroughly, as, once understood, the method of solution may be applied to the judgment of all configurations. The effect is compound and consists of:

   (1) A general effect, applicable to all horoscopes without regard to whether Neptune is placed in the 7th or 12th house.

   (2) A more specific effect based also upon house position, and different from the present case, of course, when the 7th house holds the planet.

   (3) A further distinction on account of sign and other aspects of the planet. This would be altogether individual.

   (4) It is a fact that we learn more by adversity than by prosperity, that when an affliction is past and time has healed our bruises and mellowed recollections, we profit by the lessons contained in painful experiences; we bless the rod that smote us. Therefore the square and other so-called evil aspects produce more soul growth than good configurations; ecstasy of joy may fill our hearts under the latter; we may seem to soar to the very throne of heaven, and lave in an ocean of celestial delight; but when the stirring influence has left, when we wake to the cold, matter-of-fact conditions of the world, how dull and drear is the contrast, how we shrink from the contact. Evil aspects, on the other hand, may bow down our soul to the very depths of hell; a little while it may seem as if there were no hope, no succor; but when the scale has swung and we behold the silver lining of the cloud, the pain that seared our soul with an indelible mark will bring out by contrast the beauties of God's plan and spur onto greater efforts in His service.

Work for the Student:

  You are welcome to e-mail your answers and/or comments to us. Please be sure to include your e-mail address, full name, course name and lesson number in your e-mail to us.

1]  We may therefore conclude a painful experience is in store for the boy when the square culminates, but it contains a needed lesson, the nature of which we shall endeavor to unravel. Please tell me whether you think the effect of a planet in the 12th house is different when near the Asc. from its influence when located near the 12th cusp.

Course Study Resources E-mail your answers to us.

Note: Please do not fail to read and reread the pages in which you find the answers to these questions. After carefully studying the subject matter, strive to condense your answer as much as possible, taking into consideration the principal points.

Yours in fellowship,
   Max Heindel

Answers to Lesson No. 4:

   The native will be 21 years of age when the progressed MC squares Neptune.

   This period indicates a time when there may be temptations to attempt spiritual development or awareness through undesirable means. Problems may present themselves wherein the native must learn to distinguish between the true and the false, or illusory, in spiritual matters. Positive spiritual growth can be realized during this period by overcoming temptations through the use of Will Power and by striving to develop a clear understanding concerning the true nature of spiritual matters so as not to be misled by deceptive appearances.

   Working of question:

   21 years gives Oct. 3rd. Noon previous is Oct. 2nd.

S.T. for Oct. 2nd: 12-40-00
Correction: 1-21
Interval: 12-42-00
Correction: 2-07
or 1-25-28
Nearest S.T: 1-25-06
MC: Aries 23-00
ASC: Leo 09-45

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