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Lesson 1: The Visible and Invisible Worlds
Lesson 2: The Desire World
Lesson 3: The World of Thought
Lesson 4: The Four Kingdoms
Lesson 5: The Four Kingdoms [continued]
Lesson 6: Man and His Bodies
Lesson 7: Man and His Bodies [continued]
Lesson 8: The Method of Evolution
Lesson 9: The Method of Evolution [continued]
Lesson 10: The Method of Evolution [continued]
Lesson 11: Rebirth and Consequence
Lesson 12: Acquiring First Hand Knowledge

The Western Wisdom Teachings
Preliminary Philosophy Course

Lesson No. 8
The Method of Evolution

1] Relation of Man to the Denser Worlds:

   We have learned that there are seven worlds or states of matter, the highest being the World of God. The next highest is the World of Virgin Spirits, whence we as sparks from the Divine Flame began our evolutionary pilgrimage through the five denser worlds, namely, World of Divine Spirit, World of Life Spirit, World of Thought, the Desire World and the Physical World. The purpose of evolution is the development of man's latent potentialities into dynamic powers. We will now consider how man is related to these five worlds by means of his various vehicles or bodies, remembering that two of these worlds, the Physical World and the World of Thought, are divided into two main divisions, and that man has a vehicle for each of them.

Question 1:

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Name man's four bodies and tell to what world or region each is correlated. (The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, page 88.)

2] Divisions of the Spirit:

   Man has potentially within himself three great powers, namely, the Human Spirit, Life Spirit, and Divine Spirit. These are not separate spirits but are names for different emanations or manifestations of the one great Spirit of man.

Question 2:

With what worlds are these three spiritual powers correlated? (The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, diagram page 88.)

3] Formation of Ideas:

   We, as Egos, function directly in the subtle substance of the Region of Abstract Thought, which we have specialized within the periphery of our individual aura. Thence we view the impressions made by the outer world upon the vital body through the senses, together with the feelings and emotions generated by them in the desire body, and mirrored in the mind. From these mental images we form our conclusions.

Question 3:

How do we form ideas? (The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, page 88.)

4] Action of the Mind:

   The mind is like the projecting lens of a stereopticon. It projects the image in one of three directions, according to the will of the thinker, which ensouls the thought form.

Question 4:

What are the three directions in which the image may be projected? (The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, page 89-91.)

5] Kinds of Memory:

   There are three kinds of memory: the conscious, the subconscious, and the superconscious.

Question 5:

Define each of these. (The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, pages 91-92.)

6] Activities During Sleep:

   During waking hours the desire body and mind are constantly destroying the dense body by their activities, while the vital body is continually striving to restore harmony and build up the physical body. Finally the latter is overcome, it becomes drowsy, and the Ego withdraws with the higher vehicles, leaving the dense body interpenetrated by the vital body in the senseless state we call sleep. This is a period of intense activity during which the poisons resulting from the mental and physical activities of the day are eliminated.

Question 6:

Why does sleep not always rest the physical body? (The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, pages 92-94.)

7] The Work of the Spirit:

   During life the threefold Spirit, the Ego, works on and in the threefold body, to which it is connected by the link of mind. This work brings the threefold soul, or food of the Spirit, into being.

Question 7:

Describe the work of the threefold Spirit on the three-fold body. (The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, page 94-96.)

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Answers to Lesson No. 7:

1] The desire body gives incentive to action.

2] The centers of perception in the desire body are the means whereby a person contacts the desire world.

3] It is necessary to master the desire body so that we may have satisfatory health and make spiritual progress.

4] The mind is a luminous cloud of mind substance surrounding and interpenetrating the head.

5] The mind is the path or bridge which connects the Spirit and its vehicles.

6] The heart and the mind must be united before man can attain to the highest development.

Lesson 1: The Visible and Invisible Worlds:
The Seven Worlds
The Seven Subdivisions
The Two General Classifications
The Chemical Ether
The Life Ether
The Light Ether
The Reflecting Ether
Lesson 2: The Desire World:
Nature of the Desire World
Forces Operative In The Desire World
Manner of Operation of The Twin Forces
The Principle of Emphasizing The Good
The Borderland
The First Heaven
Lesson 3: The World of Thought:
Nature of The Thought World Thought Force
The Archetype
Thought Forms
Matter a Reflection of Spirit
Relation of The Worlds
Correlation of The Earth to Other Planets and Other Solar Systems
Lesson 4: The Four Kingdoms:
Differences In The Kingdoms
The Basis of Growth
The Vital Body
Relation of Dense and Vital Bodies
Separation of Vital and Dense Bodies
The Source of Vital Force
The Vital Body and Health
Lesson 5: The Four Kingdoms [continued]:
Substance of the Desire World
Man's Desire Body
Differences Between Animal and Man
The Nature of Group Spirits
Wisdom of the Group Spirit
Relation of the Kingdoms to the Earth's Life Currents as Symbolized by the Cross
Requisites for the Expression of an Individual Ego
Lesson 6: Man and His Bodies:
The Four Ethers
Building of the Vital Body
Restoration During Sleep
Arrangement of Chemical and Life Ether Atoms
Nature of Light and Reflecting Ether Atoms
The Soul Body
The Invisible Helper
Lesson 7: Man and His Bodies [continued]:
The Purpose of Desire
Composition of the Desire Body
Centers of Perception
Results of Action of Desire Body
The Nature of the Mind
Importance of the Mind
The Dangers of Intellect
Lesson 8: The Method of Evolution:
Relation of Man to the Denser Worlds
Divisions of the Spirit
Formation of Ideas
Action of the Mind
Kinds of Memory
Activities During Sleep
The Work of the Spirit
Lesson 9: The Method of Evolution [continued]:
The Seed Atoms and the Silver Cord
The Panorama
The Borderland
The First Heaven
The Second Heaven
The Third Heaven
Lesson 10: The Method of Evolution [continued]:
Selection of Material for New Bodies
Formation of the New Bodies
Faculties of the Child
Birth of the Higher Vehicles
The Blood the Vehicle of the Ego
The Life Cycle
Lesson 11: Rebirth and Consequence:
Theories Regarding Life and Death
The Spiral Path of Evolution
Justice A Factor In the Laws of Rebirth and Consequence
Heredity and Genius
The Laws of Attraction and Association
Astrological Phase of the Twin Laws
Wine As a Factor in Evolution
Lesson 12: Acquiring First Hand Knowledge:
Instruments of the Ego
Methods of Spiritual Endeavor
The Value of Prayer
Spiritual Exercises
Spiritual Teachers

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