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Lesson 1: The Visible and Invisible Worlds
Lesson 2: The Desire World
Lesson 3: The World of Thought
Lesson 4: The Four Kingdoms
Lesson 5: The Four Kingdoms [continued]
Lesson 6: Man and His Bodies
Lesson 7: Man and His Bodies [continued]
Lesson 8: The Method of Evolution
Lesson 9: The Method of Evolution [continued]
Lesson 10: The Method of Evolution [continued]
Lesson 11: Rebirth and Consequence
Lesson 12: Acquiring First Hand Knowledge

The Western Wisdom Teachings
Preliminary Philosophy Course

Lesson No. 3
The World of Thought

1] Nature of The Thought World:

  The World of Thought is the highest world in which the human Ego functions while still bound to earthly existence. Through thought and the application of will, man will ultimately rule his destiny. Nothing can manifest unless it first exists in thought. The material of this world is often referred to as mind substance or mind stuff.

Question 1:

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What are the two main regions of the World of Thought? (The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, page 48, and diagram, page 54.)

2] Thought Force:

   Thought force is the most powerful means of obtaining knowledge. If it is properly concentrated upon a subject, it will burn its way through any obstacle and solve any problem. If sufficient thought force is brought to bear, there is nothing beyond the power of human comprehension. So long as we scatter it, little can be accomplished. Thought existed before the brain. It built and is still building the brain for its expression. The four lower divisions of the World of Thought are known as the Region of Concrete Thought, and constitute what is termed the Second Heaven.

Question 2:

Name these four regions. (The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, pages 49 and 50.)

3] The Archetype:

   In the Region of Concrete Thought, before birth, the Ego, with the help of the Creative Hierarchies, particularly the Lords of Mind, forms the archetype of its future dense body, which is really a thought form-a living vibrating mold. The creative archetypes fashion the forms of the Physical World in their own likeness, each archetype giving part of itself to build the required form.

Question 3:

What archetypes are found in the four divisions of the Region of Concrete Thought? (The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, diagram, page 54.)

4] Thought Forms:

   The Region of Abstract Thought consists of the finest thought substance of the World of Thought. The ideas germinated in the Region of Abstract Thought clothe themselves as thought forms in the mind stuff substance of the Region of Concrete Thought. The three upper divisions of the World of Thought are known as the Region of Abstract Thought, and constitute the Third Heaven.

Question 4:

What germinal ideas are found in these three regions? (See The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, diagram, page 54.)

5] Matter a Reflection of Spirit:

   The Region of Archetypal Forces is the most important in the five Worlds wherein man's entire evolution is carried on. From this Region Spirit works on matter in a formative way, the forms in the lower world being reflections of the spirit in the higher worlds.

Question 5:

In what Region are Abstract Thought, World of Life Spirit, and World of Divine Spirit reflected? (The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, page 51.)

6] Relation of The Worlds:

   We must carefully keep in mind that the Worlds are not placed one above another, but interpenetrate.

Question 6:

In a few words describe the relation of the Physical, Desire, and Thought Worlds to each other. (The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, pages 51 to 55.)

7] Correlation of The Earth to Other Planets and Other Solar Systems:

   In order to travel to other spheres we must use a vehicle correlated to the material of that sphere.

Question 7:

(a) Through what world are we correlated to the other planets of our solar system?

(b) Through what world are we correlated to other solar systems? (The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, page 55.)

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Answers to Lesson No. 2:

1] The seven regions of the Desire World are:

    1] Region of Passion and Low Desire.
    2] Region of Impressionability.
    3] Region of Wishes.
    4] Region of Feeling.
    5] Region of Soul Life.
    6] Region of Soul Light.
    7] Region of Soul Power.

2] The two great forces that hold sway in the Desire World are Attraction and Repulsion.

3] Anything happening in the Physical World builds its appropriate form in the Desire World. If an untrue account of the same occurrence is given, a form different and antagonistic to the first, or true one, is created. As they deal with the same occurrence, they are drawn together, but as their vibrations are so different they act upon each other with mutual destructiveness. The lie which starts this destruction not only kills the other form (murder) but by the same destructive vibrations destroys itself (suicide).

4] The occultist always seeks for the good in so-called evil because this increases the number and power of the good forms and thus transmutes evil into good.

5] The Region of Passion and Sensual Desire, the Region of Impressionability, and the Region of Wishes give the substance for the forms which make for experience, soul-growth and evolution.

6] Interest and Indifference determine the fate of the object or idea which has been presented. Interest starts the forces of Attraction or Repulsion. Indifference withers the object or idea against which it is directed.

7] Art, altruism, and philanthropy are expressed through the higher regions of the Desire World.

Lesson 1: The Visible and Invisible Worlds:
The Seven Worlds
The Seven Subdivisions
The Two General Classifications
The Chemical Ether
The Life Ether
The Light Ether
The Reflecting Ether
Lesson 2: The Desire World:
Nature of the Desire World
Forces Operative In The Desire World
Manner of Operation of The Twin Forces
The Principle of Emphasizing The Good
The Borderland
The First Heaven
Lesson 3: The World of Thought:
Nature of The Thought World Thought Force
The Archetype
Thought Forms
Matter a Reflection of Spirit
Relation of The Worlds
Correlation of The Earth to Other Planets and Other Solar Systems
Lesson 4: The Four Kingdoms:
Differences In The Kingdoms
The Basis of Growth
The Vital Body
Relation of Dense and Vital Bodies
Separation of Vital and Dense Bodies
The Source of Vital Force
The Vital Body and Health
Lesson 5: The Four Kingdoms [continued]:
Substance of the Desire World
Man's Desire Body
Differences Between Animal and Man
The Nature of Group Spirits
Wisdom of the Group Spirit
Relation of the Kingdoms to the Earth's Life Currents as Symbolized by the Cross
Requisites for the Expression of an Individual Ego
Lesson 6: Man and His Bodies:
The Four Ethers
Building of the Vital Body
Restoration During Sleep
Arrangement of Chemical and Life Ether Atoms
Nature of Light and Reflecting Ether Atoms
The Soul Body
The Invisible Helper
Lesson 7: Man and His Bodies [continued]:
The Purpose of Desire
Composition of the Desire Body
Centers of Perception
Results of Action of Desire Body
The Nature of the Mind
Importance of the Mind
The Dangers of Intellect
Lesson 8: The Method of Evolution:
Relation of Man to the Denser Worlds
Divisions of the Spirit
Formation of Ideas
Action of the Mind
Kinds of Memory
Activities During Sleep
The Work of the Spirit
Lesson 9: The Method of Evolution [continued]:
The Seed Atoms and the Silver Cord
The Panorama
The Borderland
The First Heaven
The Second Heaven
The Third Heaven
Lesson 10: The Method of Evolution [continued]:
Selection of Material for New Bodies
Formation of the New Bodies
Faculties of the Child
Birth of the Higher Vehicles
The Blood the Vehicle of the Ego
The Life Cycle
Lesson 11: Rebirth and Consequence:
Theories Regarding Life and Death
The Spiral Path of Evolution
Justice A Factor In the Laws of Rebirth and Consequence
Heredity and Genius
The Laws of Attraction and Association
Astrological Phase of the Twin Laws
Wine As a Factor in Evolution
Lesson 12: Acquiring First Hand Knowledge:
Instruments of the Ego
Methods of Spiritual Endeavor
The Value of Prayer
Spiritual Exercises
Spiritual Teachers

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