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The Western Wisdom Teachings
Junior Astrology Course
Lesson No. 19

The Common Signs


Pisces is the last of the twelve signs, and the twelfth house is correspondent with it in the horoscope. The twelfth house is the house of sorrow and self-undoing, also the house denoting prisons, asylums, hospitals or other places where man may be confined either in the course of his ordinary vocation in life or else against his will.

  The twelfth house also denotes karmic liabilities, hidden forces, repressions, neuroses, and destiny. In this house are indicated our involuntary responsibilities; those which demand our attention whether we want them or not. The responsibilities that we meet here are often those which we voluntarily took upon our selves in the past but failed to bring to a successful conclusion and which now clamor for fulfillment. The planets in the twelfth house will indicate such relation, and their aspects will show whether he is successful or the reverse in vocations through things denoted by this house.

   When the Ascendant of a person is in doubt and the place in the zodiac which seems to fit nearest brings the Sun into the twelfth house, the writer has often found that the exact Ascendant may be ascertained by asking the person if his childhood's life was clouded by poverty of the parents and consequent limitation for a number of years just after birth. This is all cases where it has been found that all other events fitted in the horoscope, proved a successful method of determining the true Ascendant, so that the number of degrees from the Ascendant to the Sun, the latter located in the twelfth house, would indicate the years of poverty, for the twelfth house makes for limitation in that respect, especially when the Sun is there at birth. When the Sun by progression has passed through the twelfth house and comes into the Ascendant, things begin to brighten up for the person involved, and when in time it passes through the second house he will have a period of financial success; but as stated, the Sun in the twelfth house, just above the Ascendant, usually makes a very poor home for the child during the early days of life. If Pisces is on the twelfth house and the Moon is there at birth, this will also give a liability on the part of the parents to drink, and thus neglect their children; but it will not make for success in later life as the Sun does. This position also indicates a love of introspection and a need for occasional retreat from the confusion and bustle of the world.

   When many planets are in Pisces, the person will have a hard life, because he will not want to take up his life's burden, but will love to dream. Such become recluses; they seek to master the hidden arts, occultism and mysticism; they are not guided by reason, but rather by their likes and dislikes, and unless they can find an occupation in a hospital or some institution that is otherwise isolated from the ordinary business and trend of life they will feel out of place. They are prone to incur the enmity of people with whom they come in contact intimately; nobody seems to get along with them, and everybody, whether they show it or not, will take a dislike to them.

   Pisces is a watery sign, and people who have that sign invested with many planets, particularly if Pisces is also in the twelfth house and on the Ascendant, may be found unstable because the sensitivity of the Water signs is so great and their vulnerability to hurt so pronounced that if the emotional reactions are uncontrolled and channeled improperly it can lead to a state of emotional instability. Even the hardest knocks of life, the fact that they are shunned by everybody and have no friends will seldom make them see that they are to blame and try to mend their ways. Development of the will to control the environment must be cultivated.

   This delineation, of course, supposes that the planets in Pisces and the twelfth house are unaspected or afflicted. If they are well aspected, and especially if the beneficent aspect comes from the Midheaven or ninth house, the person will gain success in the line of work indicated by the twelfth house: prisons, hospitals, asylums, and other institutions where those who are unfortunate are dealt with. But he will be then in authority over them or as a worker for humanity on a large scale, one who is actuated by philanthropy rather than a desire for gain. Capricorn, the sign of the subtle Saturn, on the twelfth house, when that is invested by a number of planets gives unusual abilities as a detective or in secret diplomatic work.

   The symbol of the sign Pisces, the two fishes, points to the Great Deep, that place of mystery. The sign Pisces as well as its replica in the horoscope, the twelfth house, are therefore houses and signs of mystery, and any number of planets there, in either the twelfth house or in Pisces, will invariably give a love of mystery as already stated; but whether that love of mystery expresses itself on the higher or lower plane depends entirely upon the aspect. Neptune and Uranus in the twelfth house are particularly favorable to those who want to study or come into contact with the invisible world; but the square aspect naturally has the tendency to attract undesirable entities and to lead the native into dangerous channels. If Neptune and Uranus are square, or in Pisces or the twelfth house squared by Saturn or Mars, we have at once a condition which is extremely favorable to mediumship. We should remember, however, that spirits are not good merely because they have passed out of this world into a realm where they cannot be seen by physical eyes. There they have so much greater scope for deception than here, if such be their inclination, and they certainly dupe their victims in a most outrageous manner, sometimes ruining the victim's whole life. Therefore, any person having the square aspect of these planets should be more than ordinarily careful, bearing in mind that when it comes to Pisces or the twelfth house this danger is particularly strong and should be very carefully guarded against. Such a one should never go to seances or come into private circles where people play with fire, for he will certainly be burned and perhaps beyond recovery for many lives.

   If Jupiter or Venus is found in the twelfth house, it also will give a love of occult investigation, and so will the Sun; but they will have a beneficent effect, particularly if they are well aspected, and there will not be as much danger with a well aspected Jupiter, Venus or Sun in the twelfth house as with Uranus or Neptune, Saturn or Mars there. Venus in the twelfth house gives a tendency to secret love affairs and if in conjunction with Neptune or Saturn, there is a great tendency to go wrong on the part of that person. However, this aspect makes the native almost immune from discovery. Uranus and Mars in the twelfth house bring injury and persecution. That of course will be because he will provoke such action from others, for Mars is not an angel by any means. Saturn in the twelfth house makes secret enemies, who strike from ambush and are difficult if not impossible to reach. Those who have the latter degrees of Capricorn rising or the first degrees of Aquarius--which brings Capricorn in the twelfth house--even though there is no planet in Capricorn or in the twelfth house will also find themselves subject to this malicious slander, and find it difficult to get at the source, for Capricorn is a saturnine sign and Saturn never gives his victims a chance to refute. Saturn in the twelfth house or in Pisces makes people worry and fear something that never happens. So do Uranus and Neptune-they are even more weird in their imaginings and drive a person into insanity. The hallucinations they produce when afflicted very often lead to that aspect of insanity where the subjects imagine themselves being pursued by certain inimical forces, visible or invisible according to the aspect.

   Even in their greatest joys they always harbor a fear that something unforeseen may happen, that some evil force is pursuing.

   When Mercury is in the twelfth house or in Pisces, especially if well aspected, the person then born will know without having need of study; he will be versatile in the extreme, always having a fund of information on whatever subject may be brought up. This is especially the case if Mercury is between the Sun and Midheaven: that is to say when he goes before the Sun, rises earlier than this luminary, for then all the light that is in the spirit seems to shine out and the person is intellectually bright. Under favorable aspects, as said, this will help to make him valuable in many lines of work; he is liable to be at the head of some research work, for he will be ingenious. Chemists of great ability have been produced under this aspect, for such persons have a faculty for going into the most minute details and things which are microscopic and unimportant to others. Mercury in Pisces or the twelfth house hampered by bad aspects, particularly from Saturn and from Mars, also when combust in the twelfth house and behind the sun (that is to say when it rises after the Sun), will cloud the mind and may result in insanity. This affliction of the mind will differ, of course, according to the way Mercury is aspected. If it is by Mars or Uranus the native will be violent in the extreme; if by Saturn it will be more a melancholia or some such form of dementia. It is certain that whatever the nature, some form of limitation will hamper the spirit, for the twelfth house is the house of limitation, of confinement, and so is Pisces also. Deafness is also the result of these configurations: of Mercury specially, combust, in Pisces, in the twelfth house and afflicted by Saturn, for by deafness the spirit is in a great measure confined and hampered in its communication with the outside world, hence the affinity of deafness with twelfth house conditions.

   It is very noteworthy that the Common signs, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces are particularly the channels through which mankind is afflicted by insanity, for as said in previous lessons, the keyword of the Common signs is Flexibility; the Cardinal signs have so much more virility, they give such an infusion of life that the native who is born normal does not easily become subject to dementia. The Fixed signs also have a tenacious hold upon all the faculties to the very last, but those who have Common signs, invested with many planets, also when the common signs are on the Angles, are vacillating and prone to be capsized by the gales upon the ocean of life.

   There is, however, a higher side to Pisces. The person who finds himself with Pisces on the Ascendant is at the end of one cycle of progress and at the beginning of a new. He stands as it were upon the threshold of something higher. Therefore, he is usually not able to live up to the possibilities of this sign which requires self-sacrifice and nonresistance in absolutely Christ-like fashion. The tendency is therefore to drift upon the sea of life and dream dreams of future greatness. This tendency must be counteracted by every effort of the will, for otherwise life will be a failure, and later the stern whip of necessity will be applied to goad him into action.


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  1]  If Neptune is in Pisces in the twelfth house and trine to the Sun in the ninth, what will be the effect?


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   In terms of Astronomy declination means swerving, deviating from a direct path. Astronomy teaches that declination is due to the inclination of the Earth's axis, which is at an angle of 23-1/2 degrees North or South from the Celestial Equator. Therefore, declination is the angular distance a planet is North or South of the Celestial Equator.

   The Earth's Equator is an imaginary line in a plane at right angles to the axis of the Earth, midway between the two hemispheres, the Northern and Southern. If a pole many million miles in length were to be thrust through the Earth from the Equator to the center of the Earth, the outer end would inscribe a line on the firmament, when the Earth turns on its axis, and this imaginary line is called the Celestial Equator or Equinoctial. It is called Equinoctial because when the Sun is at the points where the Ecliptic, or path of the Sun, crosses the Celestial Equator, we have the Equinoxes, the times when day and night are of equal duration: March 21st and September 21st.

   The highest North declination of the Sun is 23 degrees and 27 minutes which it attains at the Summer Solstice, June 21st. At the Winter Solstice, December 21st, it reaches the farthest South declination, 23 degrees and 27 minutes. Mars, Mercury and the Moon often reach a declination of 27 degrees, and on rare occasions Venus attains 28 degrees, but the other planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune have approximately the same declination as the Sun.

  Note: Above information taken from Simplified Scientific Astrology, by Max Heindel.

Answers to Lesson No. 18:

Keywords of the Moon: Imagination, instinctive feelings, desire for personal growth, sympathies and antipathies.

Keywords of Neptune: Awareness of higher levels of reality, spiritual ideals and sights, inspiration.

Keywords of Virgo: Analytical, discriminating, objective and thorough. An inclination to be of service.

Keywords of Mercury: Concepts, ideas, intellectual understanding, logic.

The combination of Moon and Neptune in Virgo square to Mercury indicates the native must work earnestly to balance the faculties of reason with sympathetic feelings and spiritual sensitivity. He must learn to cultivate consistency in his responses and patiently make efforts to use sound judgment, otherwise he can be swept away in a world of confusion, disorganization, and deception. He must use means to improve his memory for he is prone to forgetfulness and inaccuracy. The native is apt to be easily influenced by both seen and unseen forces so he must make a serious effort to use the Will Power toward practical and reasonable goals.

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