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The Western Wisdom Teachings
Junior Astrology Course
Lesson No. 18

The Common Signs

Virgo and the Sixth House

Virgo is one of the Mercurial signs. Mercury was the messenger of the gods, and it is therefore little wonder that Virgo is the House of Service. It is also Mercury's exaltation sign where his influence is most pronounced.

   On the longest and darkest night of the year, at the winter solstice, the Celestial Virgin stands upon the eastern horizon at midnight. At that time the Sun commences its new circuit and begins to mount upwards towards the vernal equinox, giving its life for the purpose of saving humanity from the hunger, darkness, and cold that would inevitably ensue were it to stay in southern latitude all the time. The Sun is said to be born of the Celestial Virgin, and the sign Virgo stands as the most sublime symbol of service as well as of divine motherhood, for the greatest service that can be rendered to humanity is the giving of birth to a new Sun each year to be the savior of the world.

   Mercury in Virgo or in the sixth house well aspected always shows one who is faithful unto the end. No matter what responsibility may be put upon him he will always acquit himself well. And even when Mercury is in the sixth house and unaspected, there is always a desire to serve, to help somebody.

   You will remember that the Christ said, "He that would be the greatest among you, let him be the servant of all." Therefore Mercury in Virgo or the sixth house is really one of the most beneficial positions that anyone can have; not perhaps so far as earthly treasure is concerned, but for those who love to lay up treasure in heaven where moth and rust do not corrupt this is a splendid position. Jupiter and Venus in the sixth house or Virgo also have the benevolent tendency to serve others regardless of self. The Sun stimulates growth and it is fortunate for the growth of the character and the soul if he is in Virgo or the sixth house, always provided of course that he is well aspected, for in the final analysis there is no greater luck or better fortune that could happen to anyone in the world than to be a real servant. Compared with this privilege, riches or even comfort are dross.

   Saturn is the planet of obstruction, and naturally he has the tendency in Virgo or the sixth house, as elsewhere, to obstruct in whatever line he works. Therefore when in these positions he suppresses all the energy that otherwise might be expressed in service; he makes the person selfish in the very highest degree. Mercury in his exaltation sign, Virgo, expresses service. This is the only place in the zodiac where an unaspected Mercury signifies something definite. The cold hand of Saturn by conjunction or square is the only power that can squelch it here. Saturn's influence is particularly pronounced of course if Mercury is otherwise evilly aspected.

   The keyword of Mars is Dynamic Energy. Therefore when he is posited in Virgo or the sixth house he will naturally make the native do something. Virgo people are rather active in youth, but there comes with age a tendency to take things easy. This of course would be effectually counteracted by the presence of a well aspected Mars in Virgo or in the sixth house. The unaspected influence of Jupiter or Venus in Virgo or the sixth house might result in the native only dreaming about what he wanted to do to serve humanity if conditions were favorable, or what he intended to do at some later day. But Mars would always bring action: he never dreams; he does. If he is evilly aspected in these positions, of course it may not be service that will be rendered for the good of others, but it may result in evil agitation as demagoguery, visionary gossip, talebearing, or stirring up strife.

   It is a well known fact that a machine wears out and gradually deteriorates by use and service. How soon it does this depends upon how well it was built in the first place, and how much service or abuse it has had during the time it has been in use. The body is like a machine, and naturally when it has been in service for a number of years or for a certain time, the defects in it show forth. Therefore the house of service, the sixth house, is also the house of health or ill health. And as the Sun of Life passes the meridian and begins to throw its shadows towards the east, we find in the Virgo people a tendency toward corpulence of body, particularly of that part ruled by Virgo, namely, the abdomen. They neglect to take exercise, and naturally on this account a sluggish condition of the intestines may set in which retains the poisons in the body, robs life of its joys, and makes them indifferent. In this fact lies the greatest danger to the Virgo people. Once they get into the rut of sickness they actually enjoy poor health; they love to talk over their symptoms with other people, and they resent any thought or suggestion given to them that they are not sick or that they can get well.

   The presence of Saturn in Virgo or the sixth house accentuates this tendency in the very highest degree, and therefore it is an almost infallible sign that the native will have or be subject to illness, the nature of this disease being denoted by the aspect and the afflicting planets.

   The Sun brings light and life wherever it is except in the sixth house and to some extent in the twelfth. The sixth house seems to rob the Sun of every ray of light and to make the native subject to disease with a resistlessness that is almost like the effect of Saturn, unless other configurations in the horoscope enable the native to shake off this influence. When this is the case, the Sun in Virgo or the sixth house gives great ability in chemistry and the preparation of health foods, and makes the person a capable nurse or healer.

   Mars in Virgo or the sixth house renders the person liable to operations where sharp instruments are used; also to fevers. As the Moon is an indicator of health for a woman, it is worse in a female nativity to have the Moon in the sixth house than the Sun. Conversely in a male nativity it is worse to have the Sun there than the Moon.

   In order to deal successfully with Virgo people when they have once become subject to disease and to get them out of it at all, it is necessary to be firm almost to the verge of cruelty. But though one may seem cruel in enforcing upon them the regime that is necessary to bring them away from themselves this is really the greatest kindness that can be shown, for once these people are in the grip of sickness, they stubbornly refuse to let go; they will resort to the most cunning, even childish schemes to excite sympathy, particularly from strangers, and they will resent any effort to show them that they are not helpless invalids. At the very slightest suggestion of a hopeful nature they sometimes lose their temper in the most unwarranted manner. But when at last they are given the deaf ear by everybody, when people who are in their immediate environment can be persuaded to show them no sympathy, then they may come to themselves. They need a shock to bring them out and away from their condition; and until they get that they never can be cured.

   Virgo people who have the mental balance to resist the tendency towards being sick and enjoying being sick make the most excellent nurses one can imagine. They are also splendid housekeepers, although they are rather peculiar in their tastes.

   It is really wonderful how the symbology of the signs is brought out in the different kinds of people born under them. Take for instance the sign Leo: the people who are born under this sign always want to be noted; they are aggressive and want to attract attention everywhere they go. They aim to be leaders, never followers. Virgo, on the other hand, has the very opposite character; for while the lion is naturally bold and masterful, the virgin is naturally timid and shrinking. Similarly, the people who are born under Virgo are always afraid to be noticed; they shrink from the public eye; they are timid and afraid. But the lion is bloodthirsty and cruel, and there are no more cruel people than the Leos. On the other hand a maiden is tender and sympathetic. So are the people who are born under Virgo. That is why they make such splendid nurses, if they can keep from taking on the conditions of the patient. the Virgo people never can bear to see bloodshed or to touch dead things. They feel bodily injury to others more than harm done to themselves, and are in fact well described by the word "chicken-hearted."


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  1] If the Moon and Neptune were in Virgo square to Mercury, what do you think would be the result?


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How To Erect a Chart for South Latitude

   To erect a chart for South latitude simply add 12 hours to the Sidereal Time at birth. First proceed according to instructions given on page 32 of Simplified Scientific Astrology and Lessons 1 to 5 of the Junior Astrology Course. Then to the calculated Sidereal Time add 12 hours; if the sum is more than 24 hours, subtract 24 hours and the remainder will be the Sidereal Time at birth, for a birth occurring in South latitude. At the bottom of the page in the Tables of Houses you will see the word Houses followed by 4-5-6-7-8-9; these are the houses you use, that is, you start with the 4th house instead of the 10th as usual. For example, if Cancer is on the 10th house, then in a chart for South latitude it will be on the 4th and Capricorn will be on the 10th house.

   The reason for adding the twelve hours to the calculated sidereal time of a chart lies in the name of sidereal time itself. Sidereal time may be roughly regarded as the division of a year into a 24-hour "day" beginning near the vernal equinox. Since this equinoctial north of the equator is six months or twelve sidereal hours out of phase with the same event south of the equator, we must make this 12-hour correction for any chart for the south latitudes.

Answers to Lesson No. 17:

Uranus in Sagittarius: Attraction to the occult, intuitive.

Sun in 1st house: Cheerful, courageous, authoritative, physically strong.

Moon in 6th house: Changes in work, success in subordinate position rather than as employer.

Uranus square Moon: Conceited, intolerant, trouble with women.

Uranus trine Sun: Idealistic, original, inventive, progressive.

Uranus in Sagittarius would give an aspiring, original and active mind, with a vivid imagination expressed along individual and original lines. The square to the Moon in the 6th house would have a tendency to make the person overbearing and intolerant of others, and it would also indicate a clandestine attachment either on the part of the native or the marriage partner. The trine to the life-giving Sun in the 1st house would greatly offset this aspect by giving a cheerful and optimistic disposition, as well as great courage and energy. The native might become a leader along some original line of thought in the field of religion, education, occultism, etc.

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