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The Western Wisdom Teachings
Junior Astrology Course
Lesson No. 14

The Fixed Signs

Part IV

In the cosmic dawn when human physical form was in a very elementary stage, and the angels worked to make it a more complete vehicle of expression for the Virgin Spirits which had left the heavenly Father and unity, seeking concrete embodiment and separate existence, they turned the creative force from the generative organs ruled by Scorpio into a new center, which became the larynx and is ruled by the sign opposite Scorpio, Taurus. Then the purely animal instinct, which impels every creature to perpetuate its kind, was partially diverted into a higher channel; intercourse was not limited to a union of bodies, but communion of souls by the spoken word became a possibility. Thus the first step toward Atonement was taken when both arms of the fixed cross were energized.

   To further bind humanity together cosmic agencies generated the ardent affection commonly called love, and focused it upon the heart through the third fixed sign, Leo, which rules that vital organ. But though the brutal, animalistic force originally focused in Scorpio has been elevated and refined by the rays of Taurus, it is still contaminated with selfish desire, nor is this eradicated in the still higher expression of affection through Leo. We love our fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, our children, and our country; we love them even if they are not all we would wish, simply because they are our kin and our country. But our hearts do not beat high for the relatives of other people or for the people of other countries.

   Neither are we satisfied to love our kindred and unselfishly help them, but we demand a return of love from those near and dear to us; the closer they are to our hearts the more we exact from them. We do not really seek their happiness, but feel that because we love them they are in duty bound to defer to our wishes in every respect, regardless of their own inclinations. If they refuse to conform, we may consider it the acme of heartlessness, and feel abused to the limit of human endurance or beyond.

   The generative force focused in Scorpio imprisons the human spirit in a body and makes it the slave of matter from the cradle to the grave. Taurus, the opposite pole, is the focus of forces which vitalize the larynx. Through that organ the imprisoned spirit may voice its hopes and fears, its love and its longing to be free, free as the viewless air it resembles in nature.

   In Leo the primal passion has a higher potency and a greater power to further fetter or to free the spirit, for in Leo this force functions on a loftier level. Focused through Scorpio it can only bind the spirit to a body, and as such a vehicle lasts only a few score years, the binding power of the primal passion in the physical world is comparatively insignificant; but when transmuted to ardent affection in Leo it operates in the spiritual spheres where neither birth nor death serves to abrogate or release from its influence. There it binds spirit to spirit, and the tie may last for many lifes. It often furthers progress, but also often hinders whom it binds, both here and hereafter. Therefore Christ said, that unless we are ready to leave father and mother, we cannot be His disciples.

   He did not mean that we must leave our relatives physically or neglect then, but the inordinate Leo affection which excludes all but our relations from our love must cease. We must learn to love unselfishly so that our love may help and not hinder those upon whom we bestow it, and that it may emancipate and not enslave. We must learn to give our love regardless of whether it is returned or not. This superlative emotion comes through the fourth of the fixed signs, Aquarius. This is the 11th sign of the zodiac, correlated to the 11th house, which deals with the department of Friends in life, also hopes and aspirations. What wonder, then, that Christ designated friendship as the highest expression of the emotion we usually call love, when He said; Greater love has no man than that he lay down his life for his friends.

   The old folk stories which tell of the Niebelungen, or "Children of the Mist," refer to infant humanity during the stage in evolution when we lived in the dense, foggy atmosphere of ancient Atlantis. Ruled by Jehovah, whose forces were focused through the Moon and the water sign Cancer, humanity was guileless and easily swayed by the angels. They were also obedient to the Lords of Venus, who fostered their calm and innocent affections. Thus Luna, the heavenly body which has greatest influence on the water of our globe, and the cardinal sign of the watery triplicity, Cancer (Scorpio and Pisces are the others), cradled our emotions, and to this day water remains the esoteric symbol of the emotional nature.

   As we may see ourselves in the silvery surface of a lake on a calm day, so also the spirit most readily mirrors itself in the personality when we are serene and unruffled. In those ancient days infant man, pure and innocent (but not virtuous), saw the gods face to face. Later the Lucifer Spirits from Mars, working through the cardinal sign of the fiery triplicity, Aries (Leo and Sagittarius are the others), made men headstrong (Aries rules the head) and rebellious against their rulers, the angels. They also fostered the sex passion; therefore Mars and Scorpio rule the generative organs. Thus the calm of the emotional nature was fundamentally disturbed, and it has by degrees become as a seething cauldron, astir with strife and struggle. Therefore it can no longer reflect the spirit any more than a windswept sea can mirror a man or a ship afloat thereon.

   Thus mankind destroyed its spiritual sight and lost touch with the gods when the turbulent emotions were generated under the ray of Scorpio. These emotions hid the beyond from us, and until we learn to subdue and control our passions and cultivate the peace of God in our breasts, we cannot penetrate the veil of the hereafter, not hear "the still small voice" which speaks in the silence after the winds, the fires, and other earthly disturbances have ceased.

   The way of attainment is symbolically engraved in the pictorial zodiac. Aquarius appears as a man in the act of pouring water from an urn. By a light motion he may tip the urn a little more or a little less to regulate the flow; it is perfectly balanced. Therefore he represents the enlightened soul who has obtained control of his passions, emotions, and appetites. They are contained in his urn, hence they no longer blind, befog, or obscure his vision as in the Atlantean Epoch; hence also Aquarius is not a watery but an airy sign. Neither is it emotional like Cancer, but intuitional, for the true Aquarian knows without reasoning. The human sympathy, the fellow feeling, the friendship signified by the 11th sign and the 11th house are the true essence of the Christ Spirit which will eventually abrogate the primal separateness, accomplish the atonement, transform the world, and make the new heaven and the new earth a reality.

   The keyword of Aquarius is therefore altruism, and this is also the keyword of Uranus, its ruler. This planet was at home from 1913 to 1920, and it is significant that though war and strife have been rampant, the effort to bring "peace on earth" is gaining strength with amazing rapidity. Advocates of amity among nations are hailed as saviors with universal acclamation. The Sun by precession is also nearing Aquarius, and will remain there 2100 years. Thus all cosmic forces are working for altruism and a loftier expression of the Christian Religion--Universal Friendship.

   The keyword of the Sun is life. While we are under the Moon and Cancer, family is first and the individual last; but the Sun in Aquarius has a tendency to exalt the self somewhat unduly. Therefore egoism is a fault to be guarded against by those who have the Sun in Aquarius.

   The keyword of the Moon is fecundation. It is restless, and therefore the Moon in Aquarius or the 11th house causes a restless seeking for truth and light. People with this position should endeavor to settle down to sustained effort in the occupation nearest at hand. Sir Launfal found the Grail at his castle gate when returning from a life spent in vain search for it all over the world. Christ is formed from within; He is not found exteriorly.

   As the keyword of Mercury is reason and altruism is contrary to ordinary reason, Mercury in Aquarius is critical and cynical; it sharpens the intellect, however, and gives a good flow of language.

   The keyword of Venus is coalition, and in the 11th sign of the 11th house it causes friends to flock around us; it makes us loving and lovable.

   The keynote of Mars is dynamic energy. It lends force and provokes action wherever placed. When in Aquarius or the 11th house it makes us rough and blunt towards friends; though we may mean well, we seem invariably to ruffle those we really like, and much suffering results.

   The keywords of Jupiter are benevolence and idealism. This planet is therefore in particular agreement with Aquarius and the 11th house. Happy the soul who has earned a well aspected Jupiter in either, for he is sure to have a great influence for good in a wide circle.

   The real functions of Saturn are constructive: that is, they include the qualities which constitute sound character, create success, and put the person on the constructive side of Nature through application and continued effort. These qualities are as follows:

   First, mental: concentration and power of analysis when working through Mercury.

   Second, business: method, system, mechanical ability, capacity of detail, patience, persistence, caution.

   Third, social: justice, faithfulness, tact.

   Saturn gives us the building qualities - that is, the qualities by which we can built an edifice to withstand the storms of evolution. Saturn is pre-eminently a builder. The other planets bring success more through inspiration, by which a person is led to do the successful thing at the proper time, but Saturn goes to work and builds success, little by little, patiently, persistently, and carefully. However, when a person works for self to the exclusion of others, Saturn's constructiveness builds a shell around him and puts obstruction in his way. This results in limitation and sorrow is the result. As humanity is still very selfish, this aspect of Saturn is to be seen on every side. Under the influence of selfishness, Saturn contracts and crystallizes the vehicles of the Ego, which automatically shuts out good. The person then encounters opposition from others because he is demonstrating that he is, at least subconsciously, an enemy of them. If we abuse Saturn, we get bad results from him, but as a matter of fact he is the initiator. He presents conditions which appear to be temptations, but when the individual has progressed to the point where he refuses to be tempted, then he has developed the power through which he may be initiated into the higher realms.


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  1]  Only a few very old people have Neptune in Aquarius, so it would be futile to explain its influence there; but please tell me what you think would be the effect of Saturn in Aquarius and the 11th house?

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Our View of Astrology

   Any treatise on Astrology which deals only with planetary effects and makes no mention of the spiritual causes behind these effects gives the impression of fatalism.

   But when one looks at Astrology from the standpoint of evolution, its whole aspect is changed, and one sees each individual Ego as a spark of the Divine Flame working toward a glorious unseen goal under the play of these tremendous cosmic forces, molding his destiny from moment to moment by his every thought.

   It is perfectly true that we cannot escape the experiences which we have generated by thoughts, feelings, and actions of past lives. They are a bullet which has been shot from a gun. We ourselves chose the target, aimed the gun and pulled the trigger. But the Spirit is absolutely free to meet these self-generated experiences as it will...free to intensify every discord in the body or in the outer circumstances of the life by continuing the habits of thought which have produced it, or free to break the old habits and turn all the power of the being into the effort to attune thoughts and feelings to the glorious rhythms and harmonies of the universe. When this attunement has been made our difficulties will melt like snow before the sun.

   The making of this attunement is therefore the one important task in every life and whether we know it or not, every constructive thought is carrying us toward the solution of our problems toward freedom from sickness and confusion, and is bringing us nearer to the moment when we shall be capable of glimpsing the divine plan and entering with joy and power into the working out of our individual part of this plan.

   You will seen then it makes a tremendous difference whether we lie down under our difficulties and brood over them or whether we gird ourselves with courage and set about correcting the things which are wrong within ourselves. We alone are to do the correcting, and when we make the effort we connect ourselves directly with the powerful forces of good which are working everywhere to right all wrong conditions. The conditions which have been built into our being for many lives cannot be undone in a day or a year, but once we have allied ourselves with the divine purpose of Good, our whole being is flooded with joy and courage, and every task is lightened.

   We all have in us the power to rise above our difficulties if we will but cease to sound the petty, discordant, or tragic lower tones which perpetuate them, and turn to the higher possibilities within ourselves. These will respond equally well if we but make the sustained effort to start them into activity.

Answers to Lesson No. 13:

  Saturn in the 5th house opposition to Jupiter in the 11th house indicates the prospect for children is limited. Taurus, the sign on the cusp of the 5th house is in a fertile sign, but its ruler, Venus, is in the barren sign Leo as is also the Sun. The 11th house appears more promising with the presence of Jupiter, but it cannot become effective until the lessons of responsibility indicated by 5th house Saturn has been fulfilled. Another aspect the student may not be familiar with in this chart is Venus square to Saturn further lessening the possibilities of children, and again indicating needed lessons to be learned through 5th house affairs.

  The earth sign Taurus on the 5th house cusp indicates an appreciation of beauty and harmony in the surroundings. Venus as ruler of Taurus could indicate pleasure in the study or pursuit of art and music, but 5th house Saturn could hinder the ability to fully enjoy or accomplish these things. Saturn's presence also indicates a serious and persistent approach to pleasures rather than a superficial or frivolous one.

  Sun and Venus in Leo gives a warm and affectionate love nature, but Saturn in 5th house indicates he must cultivate an honest and open expression of his affections.

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