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The Western Wisdom Teachings
Junior Astrology Course
Lesson No. 13

The Fixed Signs

Part III

In addition to the departments of life mentioned as being governed by the celestial sign Leo and its terrestrial counterpart, the fifth house, Leo also rules our children in general but particularly the first-born. The reason is readily apparent in view of what we have already said about the ardent love of Leo and the pleasures signified by the fifth house, for the very helplessness of those rays of sunlight from heaven, the children, constitutes an irresistible call upon our care, for which we are rewarded by joy unspeakable. The fixed nature of the sign gives stability to this emotion, and the ardent affection of parents for their children generally endures while life lasts.

   The rays from the Cardinal sign Libra focus the master passion, the intense craving to possess another, which causes men and women to rush into wedlock imagining that heaven has descended to earth and bliss eternal is theirs. But when the Cardinal influence has spent itself, they are disillusioned, alas, too often. Then the union may be dissolved, and other attempts at happiness through possession of another may be made; but until the true marriage of soul to soul is consummated, the scales of Libra will continue alternately to swing from sunshine to sorrow.

   Thus while the conjugal relationship contracted under the Cardinal ray may be transient, the relationship between parent and child generated under the fixed ray of Leo and the fifth house is indissoluble, it endures for life.

   Judgment concerning the question of children to be exact requires study of the horoscopes of both prospective parents, as both are concerned in the matter; but so closely are we connected with one another that by turning our own horoscope upside down so that our seventh house becomes the first, it will show the principal facts concerning our mate. Held in this position our eleventh house will be his or her fifth, and signify children. Therefore when we judge the question of children, we consider both the fifth and eleventh houses, the signs on the cusps, their rulers and planets in these houses.

   It is a curious fact and seemingly an anomaly that Leo and its opposite, Aquarius, on the fifth house deny offspring unless the Moon, Venus, or Jupiter is there, for these planets are givers of children. Still, when we remember the lofty form of affection generated by the solar sign, we readily realize that it can give little or no expression to the lower passions and fosters only the feeling of friendship, of comaradery. Cancer, on the other hand, is highly fertile, being the home of the Moon, the planet of fecundity. When the fifth house is occupied by this sign of either of the other watery signs (Scorpio and Pisces) the parental emotions are powerfully stirred, and many children result. As said, the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter in the fifth house give children; but Saturn, Mars, and Neptune deny offspring or cause their death to our sorrow, particularly if aspected by square or opposition. In ancient times when"nerves" were unknown, undeveloped women went through maternity without trouble; healthy children were born in the natural environment without doctor, nurse, or assistance from anyone. The mother did not cease her activities for more than a few hours, and yet infant mortality was insignificant compared to its proportions in modern times. At the present time doctors and nurses are called in to aid maternity at the critical phase of childbirth which requires the most delicate attention. Due to higher sensitivity, the mother is left depleted of energy for weeks after the stressful nevertheless exalted, event, and in extreme cases the side effects may leave long lasting infirmities or even endanger the mother's life.

   When a tuning fork is struck, other tuning forks within radius of its vibratory waves will sing in unison if of identical pitch. When not so attuned, they remain unresponsive and mute. Each circling planet strikes a certain note in the song of the spheres, and all on Earth in accord therewith respond automatically unless their wills restrain. But when humanity was in its infancy, it could not respond to the vibratory pitch of as many planets as it can today; therefore the ancient astrologers were not concerned with several planets which are felt as factors of fate today. Saturn, the planet of obstruction and concretion, was first felt as an agent of coagulation; through his agency the discrete spirit-substance was crystallized, and concrete matter came into existence as the basis of physical form. Next the vibratory force of the Sun made itself felt as Life to leaven the hardened earth; then the lunar vibration made fecundation and fertilization possible. Mars and Venus next aroused the passional nature, and material manifestation of animal human was accomplished.

   The early races born under these planetary vibrations knew none of the finer feeling found in more modern times; they loved as the tiger loves, passionately, fiercely. The males fought each other for a mate as animals fight; the females fought for their young. Even in mediaeval times these traits were observable. The ray of Mercury commenced at an early stage to evoke reason in man. Its vibrations have increased in intensity, developing the intellect and sensitizing the nervous system. Thus the finer feelings have been developed, and man is now capable of responding in a measure to the humanitarian influences carried by the ray of Jupiter. The more advanced feel the Uranus vibrations, and a still smaller number sense the spiritual vibrations of Neptune.

   But as the vibratory range of the nervous system increases and we become capable of enjoying pleasures undreamed of by our primitive ancestors, so also is our capacity for suffering intensified. A physical shock which scarcely registers upon the consciousness of previous generations may produce a complete collapse upon the part of a high-strung nervous person. In the case of maternity, were Uranus in the fifth house of the horoscope of a mother in prehistoric times, she would have hardly felt its effect at all; but in the chart of today's occidental women the event would bring a certain amount of difficulty and pain in delivery - the child may have problems in drawing its breath and other conditions might endanger its life.

   Neptune would impart a nervous system too delicate for ordinary physical use, for he is the octave of Mercury, and therefore a child born under such an influence would be peculiar, sometimes altogether mentally deranged. St. Vitus dance, which is inability to coordinate movements, is due to the hypersensitiveness given by Neptune. Saturn obstructs childbirth and makes it painful; the use of forceps is frequently necessary, and the children are difficult to rear. Mars makes for operations, loss of blood, and puerperal fever. Pluto involves surgery as in ceasarean operations and its forceful nature can provoke premature birth as well as death.

   Christ said: If I be lifted up, I will lift all the world unto me. This does not mean, as is commonly supposed according to the materialistic conception, that if He were lifted upon the cross He would save people. The human, the microcosm, follows very closely the development of the macrocosm. When the earth was more dense in the ages we have just passed, when the Virgin Spirits were at the nadir of their evolutionary career, humanity was encrusted to such an extent that they could not vibrate to the high pitch of the planets which make for spirituality. But as the Christ Spirit working in the Earth leavens it with His vibrations, it is lifted out of its density and becomes more and more ethereal, more and more attuned to the great solar heart of the universe working through the sign of Leo. As this takes place, the human, the microcosm, also learns to respond to the finer forces in nature; the ardent affection of Leo gradually replaces the passionate impulses of Mars, and the warmth of the spiritual overcomes the cold obstructiveness of Saturn. Thus instead of the present method of conception in sin and suffering, by degrees there will come the immaculate conception, of which we are beginning to get a forecast in the science of eugenics.

   Great measures of time must pass ere we shall be able to propagate the race by a higher method than the one we have today. But as the Spirit of Christ working in the earth gains in power and potency, the fifth sign, Leo, will cease to correspond to the fifth house ruling children; the sixth house and Virgo will then indicate the method of purity and service whereby we shall perpetuate vehicles more etheric that those of the present time. Therefore, though at the present time Leo is the most important sign of the zodiac, in the future the purity of the sign Virgo will supersede it in the department of children; and the ardent affections of Leo will find a nobler outlet through the opposite sign Aquarius of which we shall speak in the next lesson.


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   In the last lesson we requested you to finish setting up the horoscope on which we had been working previously. Now please state:

1] What you think is the prospect of children for the person described therein.?

2] What pleasures would most attract him or her?

3] What is the innate love nature?

   All of these things are determined by Leo its ruler, the Sun, and by the fifth house, the sign on its cusp and planets therein.

Course Study Resources E-mail your answers to us.

Note: Please do not fail to read and reread the pages in which you find the answers to these questions. After carefully studying the subject matter, strive to condense your answer as much as possible, taking into consideration the principal points.

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