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Christianity has been expounded from thousands of pulpits during the past 2000 years. Nevertheless, humanity today has but an allegorical conception of Christ and His ministry.

[The Mystical Interpretation of Christmas] ....covers the Cosmic Significance of Christmas and the annual Sacrifice of Christ, traces the astrological interpretation up through the simplicity of nature worship and sketches a glorious outlook for the coming age, which inspires the casual reader to seek more Light.

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[The Mystical Interpretation of Easter] ....some of the most beautiful writings of the founder of The Rosicrucian Fellowship. It gives the true esoteric meaning of the resurrection of Christ Jesus, His correlation to the great Sun Spirit and an explanation of His mission on Earth. Here will be found the results of firsthand research into the Memory of Nature.

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[Nature Spirits & Nature Forces] The esoteric explanation of an important subject compiled from the writings of this foremost Western Mystic, Max Heindel. Recommended to all students of inner truths.

The Passing -- and Life Afterward, by Max Heindel One of the glories of the Christian religion is its promise of eternal life. For those whose inquiring minds seek beyond a blind faith in this promise, Esoteric Christianity offers the comfort of logical and satisfying details concerning the Spirit's activities after the physical body is discarded.

Blavatsky and the Secret Doctrine, by Max Heindel It would have been a real loss to all students of mysticism and metaphysics if this little essay on H.P. Blavatsky and "The Secret Doctrine" had not found its way into print.

   Max Heindel, the Christian mystic, pays homage to Madame Blavatsky, the Oriental occultist. He sees above the little differences which divide the West from the East and rejoices in the great wisdom which has flowed forth out of Asia, rendering fertile the plains of the world's thought. Great is the mind which rejoices in the greatness of other minds. Max Heindel's tribute to the memory and work of Blavatsky and her Masters is a truly beautiful gesture in a world little given, alas, to such gentle impulses.

Christ or Buddha?: The following treatise was written by the author at my request for the purpose mentioned in the first two paragraphs, and being well fitted by years of study of both Eastern and Western religious systems to undertake such a commission, she has, in my estimation, given a most comprehensive view of the subject. She has taken a most sympathetic attitude towards the Eastern teaching as becomes an enlightened soul. Thus the spirit of this little book is not controversial in any sense, for we do not believe in trying to build upo our own religion by casting aspersions upon that of other people. We are just as sure that the religion of the East is perfectly suited to the people who live there as that the Christian religion is the religion for the Western people. Were the Buddha teaching today and a student from the West asked his opinion as to whether he should follow him or the Christ, I feel sure that he would direct the inquirer to The Light of the World. This little book is therefore sent forth in the hope that it may show Western students that their religion is the Christian religion, and that they should leave the Eastern religion to the Eastern people, while embracing with their whole heart and soul the religion of the Christ.

Etheric Vision and What It Reveals: The Western Wisdom Teachings were given in a basic form through Max Heindel; a basic physical science come forth through academic representatives. Mankind, consciously and unconsciously, are preparing for the Aquarian Age, when science will be religious and religion scientific. Meanwhile each aspirant must add his small bit to the ever-extending coral reef of knowledge.

Max Heindel has intimated that when the Aquarian Age dawns, some six hundred years from now, or perhaps before that, a new Teacher will appear who will sum up in himself and his Teachings the composite wisdom of our entire past evolution. This great Teacher of the Aquarian Age, he intimates again, will be the reappearance of that Ego who was known in Europe as Christian Rosenkreutz, and again as the Count St. Germain who, he believes, may have been one of his last public incarnations.

Part I--The Chemical Ether

Part II--The Life Ether

Part III--The Light Ether

Part IV--The Reflecting Ether

The Mystery of the Ductless [Endocrine] Glands: The subject matter here was sent out by The Rosicrucian Fellowship in the form of monthly lessons. After the supply was exhausted so many requests came in for copies of them that The Board of Trustees decided to reprint the lessons in one volume in order that they would be available to all who are interested in the structure, function, and spiritual significance of the sevcen ductless glands herein discussed. The spiritual function of the glands as discussed in this work is based on extraordinary information given out by Max Heindel. The psychological structure and function is based on valuable information gleaned from the textbook on the ductless glands written by Dr. Louis Berman, to whom the author wishes to extend most grateful thanks.



The Silver Cord and Seed Atoms: As the years have gone by much valuable material brought out by the investigations of Max Heindel and some of his early students has been lost sight of, in the pages of old magazines, in lecture notes, and in personal reminiscences handed down from disciple to disciple. In this booklet we have brought together the essential points on the Silver Cord and Seed Atoms, using materials which is not readily available to the present-day student.

We must warn the reader to use this material with proper caution, however, for Max Heindel had not completed his investigations at the time of his passing into the higher life in Janauary of 1919. The reader must therefore evaluate this material in the light of his own knowledge and experience; most occult students have some small degree of first-hand knowledge which can serve as a guide-line; and furthermore, as Max Heindel has said, logic is the best guide on this and all other planes of being.

Archetypes....the various writings concerning archetypes by Max Heindel, authorized messenger of the Brothers of the Rose Cross, and founder of The Rosicrucian Fellowship. Covering in a comprehensive manner the illuminating subject of archetypes and archetypal forces, the information in this little pamphlet will be found a valuable addition to the reference library of any occult student.

Archetypes are created by archetypal forces working in the four lower Regions of Concrete Thought. Archtypes live, move, and create as a mechanical appliance made by man works--but without reason. When the archtype is built it is set into vibration, and as long as it continues to vibrate the form which it sustains continues to live. When the archetype ceases to vibrate the form disintegrates.

In the Land of the Living Dead: ....It all came about from a German high-explosive shell.

Nothing happens without a cause. We might say that this story began in Germany when Gretchen Hammerstein put the finishing touches on a certain high-explosive shell and with the contact of her fingers filled the shell with the vibrations of her hatred for the Americans. We might note the various occurrences which, each the result of an endless train of circumstances, contributed to the fact that this particular shell was brought to the German front at just such a time and just such a place. But to follow up these lines of happenings, almost infinite in number, would require an infinitude of patience.

So we will take up the history of events when this high-explosive shell burst in the American trenches, scattering, besides its material and visible charge and fragments, the hatred for Americans which Gretchen Hammerstein had packed into it......

Chapter I
A Visit to the Invisible Planes
Chapter II
A Sergeant's Experience after "Passing Out."
Chapter III
A Soul Flight
Chapter IV
Back to Earth--A Pretty Nurse
Chapter V
The Elder Brother in the Flesh
Chapter VI
A Doughboy's Ideas on Religion
Chapter VII
Helping a Slain Soldier to Comfort his Mother
Chapter VIII
A Study of Auras
Chapter IX
An Experience with Nature Spirits
Chapter X
A Crisis in Love
Chapter XI
Light Again

The Birth of the Rosicrucian Fellowship: .... After reaching Germany he attended lectures and had several interviews with this teacher. But in a short time he found that this man had little to give him, and that what he gave out was not new to him. In disappointment he was ready to go back to America. As he sat in his room in great dejection, feeling that he had given up a big work in America to take this trip, a being, who he later learned was an Elder Brother of the Rosicrucian Order and who afterward became his Teacher, appeared, clothed in his vital body, and offered to help him on certain occult points. The information which the Teacher gave him was concise and logical and beyond anything Mr. Heindel was capable of writing. On a later visit the Teacher offered to impart to him the teachings which he desired, provided that he keep them secret. Max Heindel had for several years searched and prayed that he might find something wherewith to appease the soul hunger of the world. Having suffered and known the longings of his own heart, he could not give the promise to the Elder Brother, and refused to accept anything that he could not be permitted to pass on to his soul-hungry brothers. The Teacher left him....

Evolution from the Rosicrucian Viewpoint: ....As we look off into the starry dome of the heavens, we may see a picture that is awe-inspiring, and the longer we gaze, the greater are the number of stars which present themselves to view. Among them there are two bright stars called by astronomers the lamps of the night. They are ever revolving about the North or Pole Star, the mariner's guide. These two stars are the foremost in a group called the Plow or Dipper, and are ever pointing the way to the Pole Star, which is almost staionary and for that reason most reliable as a friend to give direction to the saailor at sea. We admire the splendor of these bright stars, and our eyes at once begin to trace the figure of the Great Bear, of which they are a part.

Should we look through one of our telescopes at the stars which we admire, we should be lost in a system of stars and worlds--worlds which man has scarcely dreamed of, and which are many times greater in size than our tiny earth. As we develop larger instruments and the lens carries us further into the depths of space, the panorama becomes more wonderful. If a man-made instrument has the power to penetrate so much farther than his limited physical sight, imagine how much greater must be the picture of God's universe to the man who can travel through these great distances. To the adept there is no physical distance. The very thought will take him on spiritual wings to visit a planet or a world, and his penetration is limited only by his development. As he grows in spiritual consciousness, so will his power to penetrate through space increase and the pictures become more awe-inspiring.

Rosicrucian Fellowship Services: The Rosicrucian Order is an ancient Mystic Fraternity formed in the year 1313, by a high spiritual teacher having the symbolical name "Christian Rosen Kreuz: Christian Rose Cross. It was his mission to prepare a new phase of the Christian religion to be used during the coming age now at hand, for as the world and man evolve so also must religion change. The system of worship suited to the spiritual needs of our forebears is unsuited to our altered intellectual condition. Therefore the great spiritual entities in charge of evolution, change the religions of the world in harmony with the passage of the marching orbs in the heavens.

The Rosicrucian Philosophy is entirely Christian, striving to make religion a living factor in the land--and to lead to Christ those who cannot find Him by faith alone.

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Complete Index of Max Heindel's Works

This index has been prepared primarily for the purpose of aiding students to find quotations by Max Heindel dealing with particular subjects. Hence there is a more detailed listing of references to basic topics, in words verbatim from their sources, than would otherwise be the case. It is also hoped that this index may serve as an incentive to topical study and research in the development and correlation of fundamental subjects taught in the Western Wisdom Teachings.

[A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z]

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[The Aquarian Age, by Elsa M. Glover] The Aquarian Age is dawning, and its influence will gradually free men from the bondages of mind and spirit which they have suffered for thousands of years. Elsa M. Glover's The Aquarian Age foretells of these sweeping changes to come, offering hope and assurance that the freed mind and spirit will soar to yet undreamed-of heights.

Dr. Glover explains how, during the Piscean Age, man's ignorance of his potential kept him from developing his creative abilities, man's lack of self-esteem kept him dependent on others for approval, and man's fear of the unknown kept him from wanting to explore new ideas or even associate with anyone who might have a different perspective on life than his own.

[Science and Religion, by Elsa M. Glover] By considering the many aspects of knowing, author Elsa M. Glover expands our knowledge of the various ways of perceiving, as her broad erudition, profound thought, and poetic vision have combined to form a holisitc view of creation.

In Science and Religion, a broad view is taken of a concise array of phenomena still clothed in the uniqueness of their happening. The author looks wonderingly on all creation and awakens our sense of awe by bringing us into the living presence of either a caterpillar or a constellation. her all-inclusive knowledge moves from experimental science to religion, and she is equally at home with both, as to her the great chain of being seems to resemble Jacob's Ladder.


[The Message of the Stars] The fundamentals of astrological interpretation are given in clear, understandable language. The Keyword System of horoscopical analysis is outlined. The library of every astrology student should contain a copy of this essential reference book. One of the most complete systems of character delineation and reading the horoscope for medical diagnosis yet given to modern astrology. It includes a simple method of Progression and Prediction.

In the section on Medical Astrology the authors, Mr. and Mrs. Heindel, have given a system that is based on years of practical experience. Thirty-six example horoscopes are included and the subject is dealt with most thoroughly.

Medical Astrology

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[Simplified Scientific Astrology] ....the art of erecting a horoscope, making the process simple and easy for beginners. It also includes a Philosophic Encyclopedia and Table of Planetary Hours. The Tables of Planetary Hours enables one to select the most favorable time for beginning new enterprises. No astrological student can afford to be without it.

Part II

  Astrology and the Ductless Glands....It is especially significant .... that through a combination of clairvoyance and astrology it is possible to examine the ductless glands and discover the metaphysical elements in their functioning. The modern clairvoyant uses the same method for his work as was used by the initiate priests of the ancient world, and like those older adepts he makes contributions to the sum of knowledge which are only discoverable to the materialist after centuries of ponderous experimentation.

  The Astrological Keyword System by J.D.: The system herein set forth is an analytical method of reading the horoscopical chart. It is developed along the lines indicated by Max Heindel in The Message of The Stars, pages 405-408. It consists simply in combining the keywords of the planets, signs, and houses to form key-phrases, key- sentences, and key-paragraphs; then the final summing up of these to arrive at a composite judgment.

   By this method anyone can read the messaage of a chart in a fairly intelligent manner. There has been an idea in the past that a high degree of intuition was necessary before one could hope to do this. But this idea has largely been disproved. Anyone who can combine simple elements and reason from cause to effect can combine the keywords in a chart to ascertain at least the essential part of its message. Reference to dignities, exaltations, retrogradation, interception, and other minor factors is omitted, as only the advanced student needs to consider them.

Studies in Astrology by Elman Bacher: So much favorable comment has come to us concerning the astrological articles by Elman Bacher which appeared in our Rays from the Rose Cross during past years that we feel sure these volumes will be cordially welcomed by all students of spiritual astrology.

Mr. Bacher's profound knowledge of and devotion to the stellar science, along with an uncanny understanding of human nature, made it possible for him to present material which undoubtedly places him among the best of modern esoteric astrologers. As the truth and value of astrology become more and more generally accepted, his presentations will serve increasingly to help people know themselves and fulfill their highest destiny.


1: The Accuracy of Astrology
2: Astro-Dynamics
3: Planets Are People
4: The Sun: Principle of Power
5: The Moon: Principle of Motherhood
6: Venus: Principle of Perfected Manifestation
7: The Planet Mercury


1: Mars: The Principle of Energy
2: Jupiter: Principle of Improvement
3: Saturn's Command: "Thou Must Fulfill"
4: Uranus Commands "Release!"
5: Neptune: Principle of Instrumentation
6: Neptune Patterns: The Twelfth House
7: Neptune: Aspects and Positions
8: Pluto: Principle of Frozen Fire


1: The Astrologer
2: The Astrological Mandala
3: White Light Astrology
4: Astrologer Discusses Teaching
5: The Ascendant
6: The Second House
7: The Fifth House
8: The Eighth House
9: Planetary Retrogradation


1: The "Bad" Aspects
2: The "Good" Aspects
3: The T-Cross and Grand Cross Aspects
4: The Trine and the Grand Trine Aspects
5: The Variable Aspects
6: Interceptions
7: Basic Relationship Structure
8: The Horoscope Abstracted
9: Condensation of the Horoscope


1: The Astrologer as Scientist, Artist, and Priest-Teacher
2: Astro-Philosophy Discusses Government
3: A Study of Polarity
4: Involuntary Military Experience
5: The Giving of Gifts
6: The Golden Rule
7: The American Astrologer


1: The Point, the Line, and the Circle
2: Spectrum
3: Rhythm
4: Design
5: Color
6: Architecture
7: Dance
8: Music



Astrology the Art of Arts

1: Dramatic Art
2: Motion Pictures
3: Healing
4: Fraternity of Astrologer, Artist, Priest, and Healer
5: Planetary Joys
6: Shakespearean Star Portraits
7: The Faculty of Intuition
8: Animal Experience


1: The Wedding Chart
2: Marriage
3: Fatherhood
4: Childhood
5: Adolescence
6: Fraternity
7: The Sun Sign
8: The Generic Spectrum
9: Your Life-Assignment


1: Complementation
2: Security
3: Diameter, Quadrant, and Decanate
4: Light (Part 1)
5: Light (Part 2)
6: Light as Therapy
7: Light as Communication
8: Light as Affluence
9: Hospital Experience
10: The Astrological Path

Spiritual Astrology Magazine Articles
Rosicrucian Philosophy In Questions & Answers, Vol. I - Max Heindel (astrology section)
Rosicrucian Philosophy In Questions & Answers, Vol. II - Max Heindel (astrology section)

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