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The Basics....

[The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception] A complete outline of the Western Wisdom Teaching as far as it may be made public at the present time. A comprehensive outline of the evolutionary processes of man and the universe, correlating science with religion. Max Heindel, the writer, received this Teaching personally from the Rosicrucian Brotherhood. It is their latest communication.

Part I is a treatise on the Visible and the Invisible Worlds, Man and the Method of Evolution, Rebirth and the Law of Cause and Effect.

Part II takes up the scheme of Evolution in general and the Evolution of the Solar System and the Earth in particular.

Part III treats of Christ and His Mission, Future Development of Man and Initiation, Esoteric Training and a Safe Method of Acquiring Firsthand Knowledge.

Man's Present Constitution and Method of Development

Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis

Man's Future Development and Initiation

  The Work of Invisible Helpers.....The purpose of this book is to give out occult information to truth seekers who are looking for something to help them in their daily life here and now, and also to point out a way that will advance them physically, mentally, and morally. I wish to suggest a religious study that will afford lasting happiness to those who take it up.

  For the past ten years I [Amber M. Tuttle] have been gathering material for lectures on philosophy. I have compiled much of this subject matter into an occult book which illustrates the part the Invisible Helpers are taking in the world. The work of these Helpers is not new for it has been going on since the creation of our Solar System aeons ago. God created us, and the planet Earth upon which we live, and He and other High Beings have been assisting us at all times on our evolutionary journey. We are indebted to many Beings for the immense amount of care, protection, and guidance that we have received on every step of the way. The Bible gives a good idea of the help given humanity during a portion of time in our past history.

[The Rosicrucian Christianity Lectures] Delivering these twenty lectures in person was one of the earliest activities of the authorized Messenger of the Rosicrucian Order, Max Heindel. A a comprehensive outline, with modern application, of the ancient truths of Rosicrucianism.


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[The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions & Answers, Volume I] The answers to 189 questions asked of Max Heindel on the lecture platform.

Section I:
Life On Earth

Section II:
Life After Death

Section III:

Section IV:
The Bible Teachings

Section V:
Spiritualistic Phenomena

Section VI:

Section VII:

Section VIII:

Section IX:


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[The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions & Answers, Volume II] Here are questions and answers from early issues of the Echoes newsletter and Rays from the Rose Cross magazine which, with a few exceptions, have never been published in book form. It therefore offers a store of information valuable to all occult students. 165 topics, handled in Max Heindel's usual thorough manner, are grouped under the following headings:

Section I:
Life After Death

Section II:

Section III:
Health and Healing

Section IV:
The Invisible Worlds

Section V:
Spiritual Sight

Section VI:

Section VII:
The Bible

Section VIII:

Section IX:

List of Diagrams

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[The Rosicrucian Mysteries] Max Heindel has written the sublime truths of the Western Wisdom Teachings in almost narrative style, intended specially to give busy people a solution to life's basic problems as contained in the mind- and heart-satisfying Rosicrucian Philosophy.

This is for the busy man who is seeking a solution to the Great Mystery called Life but lacks leisure to wade through volumes of metaphysical speculation. The lucid and logical explanations carry conviction - they bear the stamp of Truth. Nevertheless, the language is so simple, clear and devoid of technicalities that a child can understand its message. It is therefore specially suited to beginners.

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[Letters To Students] Here are ninety-seven letters written in the intimate friendly tone of a teacher and friend, extending from Christmas of 1910 to January of 1919.

These letters transform the cold printed page into warmth and comfort. As a gift to yourself or another this may be a turning point toward the Light.

Number and Title of Letters

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[Gleanings of a Mystic] This work is devoted to practical mysticism, bringing out a vast array of new information and fine points never before presented in this form. The information found here will be of immense value to the student and aspirant, enabling them to make swifter progress in both their spiritual and material development.

Chapter I
Initiation: What It Is and Is Not--Part I
Chapter II
Initiation: What It Is and Is Not--Part II
Chapter III
The Sacrament of Communion--Part I
Chapter IV
The Sacrament of Communion--Part II
Chapter V
The Sacrament of Baptism
Chapter VI
The Sacrament of Marriage
Chapter VII
The Unpardonable Sin and Lost Souls
Chapter VIII
The Immaculate Conception
Chapter IX
The Coming Christ
Chapter X
The Coming Age
Chapter XI
Meat and Drink as Factors of Evolution
Chapter XII
A Living Sacrifice
Chapter XIII
Magic, White and Black
Chapter XIV
Our Invisible Government
Chapter XV
Practical Precepts for Practical People
Chapter XVI
Sound, Silence, and Soul Growth
Chapter XVII
The "Mysterium Magnum" of the Rose Cross
Chapter XVIII
Stumbling Blocks
Chapter XIX
The Lock of Upliftment
Chapter XX
The Cosmic Meaning of Easter--Part I
Chapter XXI
The Cosmic Meaning of Easter--Part II
Chapter XXII
The Newborn Christ
Chapter XXIII
Why I am a Rosicrucian
Chapter XXIV
The Object of the Rosicrucian Fellowship
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[Mysteries of the Great Operas] Why are the age-old Tales used as Vehicles for some of the Greatest Music of all Time? What is the Relation between the Human Spirit and Music?

Folk Lore and its interpretation through music has much to offer to the general reader as well as to the musician and occultist. These Myths conceal many of the hidden truths which are now being translated from symbol and allegory, and this attractive book is the key to these poetic tales of evolution, sacrifice and unfoldment.


The Ring of the Niebelung



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[Teachings of an Initiate] Compiled from the writings of an Initiate of the Rosicrucian Order. It comprises a series of lessons issued by Max Heindel to his students, together with various public addresses.

Max Heindel was well qualified to impart esoteric knowledge on these subjects by virtue of his various Initiations into the Mysteries. here is foun the later fruit of Mr. Heindel's extensive occult investigations. It is of value to both the beginner and the advanced student of occultism.

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[Ancient and Modern Initation] Here is a penetrating and deeply spiritual presentation of the Unity of Truth as applied to the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Formulas on Initiation are:

The Law, "the shadow of good things to come," as symbolized in the Tabernacle in the Wilderness.

The Gospel, "the good tidings" as revealed in the four Gospels containing the Life of Christ.

....priceless wisdom for those who seek truth as well as for those who already rejoice in Christ and the Christ-message.

Part II

The Christian Mystic Initiation


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[The Web of Destiny] Here are sixteen of the ninety-seven monthly lessons sent out to his students by Max Heindel. They are the fruitage of true esoteric research. ....based on personal occult investigations by the author, in which he uncovered many of the inner laws governing man's hidden springs of action.

....information regarding the Dweller on the Threshold, which every aspirant has to meet, usually at an early stage of his progress into the unseen worlds. It treats of the causes of obsession of men and animals. It describes how we create our environment and some of the causes of disease, pointing the way to final emancipation.

The Occult Effect of Our Emotions

Prayer--A Magic Invocation

Practical Methods of Achieving Success

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[Freemasonry & Catholicism] Esoteric Treatise on the Underlying Facts regarding the two great Institutions of Freemasonry & Catholicism as determined by occult investigation.

It explains in terms of Mystic Masonry the conflict between the Sons of Seth and the Sons of Cain and unravels the allegory dealing with the building of Solomon's Temple, the Queen of Sheba and the Grand Master, Hiram Abiff.

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[The Vital Body] The Western Wisdom School teaches as its fundamental maxim that "all occult development begins with the vital body," stated Max Heindel, Initiate of the Order of the Rose Cross. It is therefore with the purpose of presenting in a concise and easily understood form all the important information which the founder of The Rosicrucian Fellowship wrote in his various letters, lessons and books concerning the etheric vehicle that this compiled material is published in book form. To the layman in occult study, as well as to the advanced student, it offers much of practical value.

Part I: Past Evolution of Man's Vital Body

Part II: Man's Vital Body In Present Aryan Epoch

Part III: Vital Body of Animals and Plants

Part IV: Relation of Vital Body to Spiritual Development

Part V: The Vital Body of Jesus

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[The Desire Body] Man, the indwelling Spirit, has at his present stage of development four vehicles through which he functions: the dense physical body, the vital body, the desire body, and the mind. Although these bodies are closely interrelated and are affected by each other, it is helpful to the student in understanding thoroughly their functions and possibilities to study each one separately and intensively. To facilitate such study Max Heindel's material concerning the desire body has been collected....

The desire body of man is his vehicle of feelings, desires, wishes and emotions. It is responsible for all his actions, reveling in unrestrained motion. If unbridled it makes the body do all the unnecessary and undignified things which are so detrimental to soul growth. However, that temper which is such a great menace when it takes control, may be as effective for service under proper guidance. Hence the temper of the desire body must be controlled but not by any means killed.

The Western Wisdom Teachings therefore emphasize the transmuting of the lower desires into higher ones through service motivated by devotion to high ideals. This generates the Emotional Soul, essential nourishment for the evolving Spirit.

Part I--The Planetary Desire World

Part II: Origin and Development of Man's Desire Body

Part III: Man's Desire Body in the Physical World

Part IV: Man's Desire Body in the Invisible World

Part V: Spiritualization of Man's Desire Body

[How Shall We Know Christ at His Coming?] ....Christ will return in an etheric, not a physical body. Hence mankind must develop the etheric body to the point where they can function in it consciously before Christ will return. Then they will possess the inner spiritual perception by which they will be able to recognize Him. These matters are fully elucidated here.

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